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I was born in Taipei, Taiwan and moved into the Southern California in 1st grade. Though my official first name is "Yi Ju", I usually go by "Rita". Since I am in "engineering-undeclared", I am interested in exploring the various fields of engineering and computer science. Math and science classes have always been my favorite subjects. Rather unsurprisingly, I am involved in my high school's Math Club and Science Olympiad team as the president for both.


I come from Shanghai, China. My legal name is Yiqiong Xu,but you can simply call me Nancy. I am now in the College of Letters and Science,with my major undeclared. I love travelling and getting to understand different people and their lives. I was once an exchange student at a famous high school in Paris,France and had a wonderful time exploring French culture. I am good at cooking Chinese dishes and hopefully you can have a try!


I have lived in Elk Grove, California for nearly my entire life. I was admitted into Berkeley’s College of Engineering as an EECS major. In high school, I was involved in Mathletes, Science Olympiad, and Art Club. Painting is my favorite pastime and my preferred medium is watercolor. (If Computer Science doesn’t work out for me, I’ll probably become a starving artist.)


I was born and raised in Shenyang, China. My Chinese name is “Huang Shiyun”, but you can simply call my English name, Jane. I plan to be an Economics and Applied Mathematics double major, but I may also add a computer science minor, if possible. I am really into economic theories; mathematical knowledge and computer skills would help me a lot in understanding and analyzing economic problems.


I was born in California, but I've lived in Iowa City, IA since preschool. I was admitted into the College of Letters & Sciences and hope to study computer science because of my interest in graphics and animation. My dream is to work for Pixar or become a Disney Imagineer. I’m obsessed with anything related to design, especially the Adobe Creative Suite. In high school, I designed for our magazine, “West Side Story.”


I was born and raised in the Bay Area my entire life. I was admitted into the College of Letters & Sciences, hoping to do a Computer Science and either a Psychology or Applied Math double major. I love to draw, so you'll probably catch me doodling during a lecture at least once. I am also a huge Nintendo fangirl; if any of you play Super Smash, I'd love to play you. I also play violin and would like to form a geeky quartet playing videogame soundtracks.


Hi! My name is Nina Partha, and I was recently admitted as an EECS major at UC Berkeley. I have always loved math, chem, and physics, and am very excited to expand my borders in these fields in EECS. A little bit about me: I have lived in Fremont, CA my entire life, but I've traveled to various parts of the world. In addition, I love to play the piano, sing, and of course, solve (or attempt to solve) challenging puzzles.


I was born in China and moved to the Bay Area when I was six-years old. I plan on majoring in EECS at the College of Engineering. I have previous programming experience with Java and website design languages. In high school, I played tuba in the band, volunteered a lot, competed in technology competitions, and played a few sports. During my free time, I enjoy watching anime, playing board games, listening to K-pop, and drawing. I have a wide variety of interests and am a total computer nerd, so don’t be afraid to talk to me!


I was born in Baltimore, and grew up in North Carolina, but I moved to the Bay area about a year ago. I currently plan on majoring in Computer Science in the College of Letters & Sciences, but I also am interested in math and linguistics. I am interested in Computer Science because of the computer science classes I have taken. Outside of school, I play tennis and enjoy volunteering, especially tutoring.


I was born in Wuhan, a big city in China. Though my Chinese name is Li Lu, you can just call me Lea. I was admitted to college of Letters&Science. I haven't declared my major yet but I plan to major in applied math in the future because I’m eager to explore more fields. This program is a great opportunity for me to understand some basic knowledge about computer science and I believe I can benefit a lot.


I have lived in Wuhan, China for my entire life. My Chinese name is Beidi, Chen, but you can also call me Betty. I was admitted into college of engineering as an EECS major. Both Math and Physics have been my favorite subjects since I was in junior high. In my spare time, I enjoy doing some physics experiments. Usually the failure of the experiments will just push me to try it again and again until I succeed.


Hi! My name is Emma :D I spent most of my childhood living in different places, such as Los Angeles, Holland, New York, and Texas, but I have lived in San Diego for the past 9 years. I am interested in Computer Science because I love computers and I have been coding since the days of neopets profile pages :). I am a super big nerd and in my free time I love to play video games, watch anime, read, go to conventions, etc, but I also have a very girly side that loves shopping, makeup, and Desperate Housewives.


I was born in Portland, Oregon and I moved to Carlsbad (about thirty minutes north of San Diego) when I was eleven. I am planning on majoring in EECS at Berkeley. I have zero experience with CS, but in my imagination we all become expert hackers! In my free time in high school I raced sailboats and I am thinking about joining the Cal Sailing Team. I've also been playing the piano for a few years, which I really enjoy. I love running, hiking, traveling, and just being outside.


I was born in Singapore. In my entire life thus far, I have been to US once on a holiday but that was many years ago. So I am excited at the prospect of going to Cal to study. Being passionate about Mathematics and Physics, I have been enrolled in the major of Materials Science and Engineering. Besides academics, I enjoy playing the piano and board games.:)


I was born in Seoul, South Korea, but moved to Chapel Hill, NC six years ago. I moved to McLean, VA four years ago due to my father's job and attended Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. I got into UC Berkeley College of Engineering and I am intending to major in Bioengineering. Besides biology, I absolutely love computer science and neuroscience! I'm squeezing in classes for this upcoming semester so I could maybe get a minor in computer science.


I was born in South Korea and moved to the United States at the age of eight. Currently, I live in San Ramon, CA and have lived in the bay area ever since I moved to the US. I will be a bioengineering major this fall at UC Berkeley, but I also hope to focus my studies in other areas such as psychology and sociology. In high school, I played tennis and flute, and volunteered extensively with various organizations.


I was born and brought up in the Bay Area my entire life. I was admitted into the College of Letters & Sciences with a Computer Science major. I have a passion for design and have always loved utilizing my creativity towards my school projects and outside endeavors. My previous experiences include programming with Java, Adobe Photoshop, web designing with Adobe Dreamweaver, 3D modeling and animation with Maya, and 2D motion graphics with Adobe Flash.


Hello everybody, I'm Amy and I am from Mission Viejo, a suburb in Orange County, California. I am an environmental engineering major but I am certainly open to exploring other fields in engineering. I have many interests and hobbies and some might even call me scatter brained. I was a synchronized swimmer for 5 years during high school and although I will not be continuing this at Cal I still love swimming, the beach and anything aquatic.


Hi everyone, I am Rachel from Singapore. I actually hold Malaysian passport but I have been in Singapore since 7th grade, so I consider myself 52% Singaporean, 48% Malaysian. I am currently in College of Engineering as Mechanical Engineering major but I will probably double major or switch major to EECS. At school, I have always enjoyed math and physics classes tremendously. I had experience with computing, but has never taken a computing class, so I really look forward to CS KickStart.


Coming all the way from the other side of the world, I’m Sangeetha – born and raised in Bahrain. I’m an EECS major and have always planned on being one since I was eleven and had taken a liking to the funny-looking triangular brackets when programming in HTML. Besides fiddling around with source codes and creating multi-coloured marquee scrolls, my other loves are Harry Potter, writing, books - especially hardbound ones with cracking spines- , photography, blogging, animals and dogs in particular, the smell of coffee, sunny days and dessert.


Hi everyone! My name is Ashleigh and I'm Filipino-American, born and raised in the Philippines. I attended an international school for thirteen years, and now I'm in the College of Letters and Science as an intended Computer Science major. I've been obsessed with computers and coding from a very young age (Neopets!), and since then it's become my dream to work for a company like Google or Blizzard (I'm a complete World of Warcraft geek). I'm also very interested in artificial intelligence, so it's likely that I'll add a double major in Cognitive Science.


My family calls me "hey you!" but everyone else just calls me "Deirdre" though some people have gotten a lot more creative than that. Although I was born in Manila, Philippines I'm a San Diegan at heart. My love for puzzles and mysteries developed my interests in math while this increasingly digital age has pleasantly pushed me into learning more about computers. As of now, I'm currently in the Letters and Science shooting for Business Administration at Haas but if that doesn't work out I'm planning on advancing my interests in Math.


Hello! I am from Victorville, California. I am excited for Berkeley and the CS kickstart program because it will be an entire different perspective for me since I live in the High Desert. I have a strong passion for anything related to computers. I have taken several computer courses in my high school and community college and it is one subject I can study for life. I have no experience in programming, but I am eager to learn. One of my hobbies include making videos by using Sony Vegas Pro 8.0. My intended major is computer science in the Letters & Sciences College.


I live in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, which is in Los Angeles County. I plan to major in EECS in the College of Engineering. I don’t have any programming experience, so I’m excited to learn something at CS Kickstart. I’m a dancer, and my favorite style is tap, but I have also trained in ballet and jazz.


I was born in Stockton and I moved to San Leandro when I was in second grade. My intended major is molecular and cellular biology but it is still likely to change.I enjoy watching tv, hanging out with friends, sleeping, reading/writing, listening to music, and making collages.


Hi everyone! I'm Angela and I was born in Gui Zhou, China and raised in Beijing, China.I am currently a computer science major, but I am interested in studying economics as well. In my leisure time, I enjoy reading novels, listening to music, and playing a variety of percussion instruments.


My name is Lucine Oganesian and I'm from Glendale, California. I am tentatively a bioengineering major at Cal, and I hope to do a lot of research in the future. I am very much interested in neuroscience and am seriously considering learning another language while in college (either Japanese or German).


Hello, my name is Vivian Nguyen and I'm coming from sunny Southern California. I'm not too sure what I'm going to major in yet, so I wanted to give this program a try. In my spare time I read history, browse Reddit, take walks, and ponder about the universe.


I'm a MSE theater-loving math nerd from Elk Grove, California. I know nothing about computer science but those who do say I'd love it, so I'll give it a go. Making stuff is what I like to do, after all - mostly stuffed animals for my friends, but I'll do anything productive.


Hi! My name is Serena and I'm from Claremont, a small college town near the LA area. I'm an EECS major, but don't have that much programming experience so I thought this would be a chance to find out more and meet some new friends as well! Some of my hobbies include playing piano, tennis, ice skating, reading, baking, and exploring new places.


I am an international student from Taiwan. Although Taiwan is a leading hardware supplier in the competitive 3C industry, I am more interested in the software and applications of innovative technology products. I believe the KickStart will give me a good start for my university life. As for myself, I play piano and cello, enjoy travelling and reading.


Hi! My name is Robyn, and I was born in Canada, but I later moved to the bay area and have lived here for the past ten years. I'll be in the College of Letters & Sciences this fall and I'm looking into majoring in Computer Science. I hope that at CS Kickstart my interests will be expanded as I further explore the field of computer science.


I was born in Seattle, Washington, but I've lived almost my entire life in Sunnyvale, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley. I plan to major in mechanical engineering because I love math and physics, especially mechanics. I'm also interested in biology, so I hope to focus my career in that direction in the future.


I am from San Jose, California and have lived in the Bay Area my entire life. At Cal, I intend to major in Computer Science in the College of Letters and Science but I am also interested in pursuing my interest in the biomedical sciences. Throughout high school, I was actively involved in speech and debate and participated as a Fellow of my school's Math and Science Academy.


Hello! My name is Hnin. I was born and raised in Burma, which is located in Southeast Asia. I moved to Rowland Heights in LA County almost six years ago and have never been out of Southern California since then.I have absolutely no experience in computer science, so I'm very excited to be part of this program! During my free time, I enjoy listening to music, watching TV series, and eating food!


Hi everyone! I was born in Texas but moved to South Orange County, California in elementary school. I'm an undecided undergraduate in the College of Letters & Sciences looking to double major in sciences and humanities. I have no programming experience, but I'm looking forward to exploring Computer Science and seeing if I like it enough to study it further! In my spare time, I like to read, draw, paint, and play piano.


I've lived in Manhattan Beach, CA since I was five after moving there from Tucson, AZ. I was admitted into the College of Letters and Sciences, where I plan to take a variety of classes in the sciences, math, and art.In my free time I also practice flute, explore the many capabilities of Photoshop, cook random recipes I find on the web, play various video games with friends, and draw.


Hi! My name is Parul. I was born in Texas but I was raised right here in the Bay Area. I'm really excited to participate in CS Kickstart and learn more about the importance of computer science in the modern world. I'm currently an Undeclared Engineering major so hopefully this program will help me solidify my interest in EECS.


I was born and raised only 40 minutes away from campus in San Jose, California. I applied as an MCB major, but plan to switch to either Chemical Engineering or Bioengineering by the start of my 2nd year. I wanted to explore the different opportunities given by engineering, and found that even in the subject I consider my "home," bioengineering, I still need CS skills to fully grasp the multidisciplinary concepts.


I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. If I had a free afternoon, I'd probably spend it drawing, reading, or watching random TV shows on Netflix. My other passion is traveling and I would like to study abroad for one semester. I currently intend to study Economics but would also like to do some computer science on the side.


Greetings everyone! My name is Katie Zheng and I am from Los Angeles, California. I am interested in learning computer programing because it would be a very useful skill to know and computer science sounds like an exciting field.


My full name is Anne Julliene but I go by Joan. I have an identical twin sister named Jill. I do not have much experience in computer science, but I have always been interested in expanding my knowledge in the subject.


Hi! I'm Ingrid from Arcadia, California but originally from Taiwan. One day, I would like to use the inspiration of the seemingly improbably ideas found in science fiction, which I am a fan of, and transform it to reality - except the robots taking over the world part of course.


Hi there! My name is Anne Jilliane, but you can call me Jill. I was born in the Philippines and moved to California when I was 8. I have an identical twin sister, whose name has a two-letter difference from mine. I do not know much about computer science, but I am excited to delve into a world that has countless possibilities!


Hey everybody! I'm Mandy and I was born in China and happily immigrated to San Francisco years ago. I will be a Freshman with a tentative Computer Science major in L&S and I'm super excited to become a Cal Bear! My love for computer science has grown a lot in these past few years through different opportunities such as making an Android mobile app prototype and even more through my computer science class where I learned how to program.


Hi everyone! My name's Ilakya and I'm an EECS major! Having never lived outside of a five mile radius from Cupertino, I'd say that my interest in pursuing a career in technology isn't much of a coincidence; I've always been around and fascinated by technology! Aside from that, I enjoy doodling, reading, gardening, and consuming chocolate.


I was born and raised in Elk Grove, California my entire life. Currently, I am undeclared in the College of Letters and Science with an interest in computer programming. I'm hoping to explore this field more in depth before declaring a major in CS.


I am from Kenya. I am social and making new friends is part of my hobby. My other hobbies are swimming, reading, cooking, visiting friends, eating, watching movies, listening to gospel rock music (Skillet and Fireflight are my favorite bands), taking nature walks and facebooking. CS KickStart is a great opportunity for me to develop my programming skills and satisfy my thirst for quality programming.


I come from Los Angeles County, and I'm entering Berkeley as a civil and environmental engineer (but I'm certainly open to change). I love exploring new subjects, which has led to my wide variety of interests.I enjoy great food, spending time with family and friends, meeting new people, staying active, volunteering, and just about any artistic endeavor.


Hey fellow CS Kickstarters! My name is Jane and I'm from right here in the Bay Area. Born and raised in San Diego, I moved to the Marin/San Francisco area in 1st grade and have been living here ever since. My intended major is economics/pre-business, but I am open to exploring my other academic interests for a second major or minor.


At heart, I'm an artist, but I recognize that I have other skills that could be honed in order to become a well-rounded individual; an individual who needs guidance to become both technically advanced as well as creative and thoughtful. In short, I think if I study computer science, I can meld the two fields together to create my own unique experience at Berkeley, and I believe this program can help me take a step in the right direction.

Katelyn Greene

I'm from Santa Barbara, California, and I’m going to be a coming into Berkeley this year as a Bioengineering major. Compsci has always been a curiosity for me- I played around with Lego NXT Mindstorms when I helped mentor a FLL team, I’ve tried a few online programming tutorials, and I took AP Compsci this year for fun because I wanted to learn more.

Hailey Gordon

Hello fellow Bears! My name is Hailey Gordon, and I am from the lovely town of Bakersfield, CA. Sadly, I have not seen or met any movie stars despite my close proximity to Hollywood. I am more than excited to join the CS Kickstart program so I can meet other students interested in the world of computers!

Smitha Milli

Hi! I'm Smitha. I'm from St.Louis, but super excited to be coming to Berkeley as an EECS major! I've always been interested in computer science, particularly web development, and hope to eventually make a place for myself in Silicon Valley. In my free time I read manga, learn korean, draw henna, and geocache.

Maura Fitzgerald

I am from Manhattan Beach, California and I will be studying in EECS next fall at Berkeley. I come from a military family and have lived in San Diego, CA, Albany, NY, and Japan. I play the violin, am learning the guitar, love Mumford & Sons, and enjoy going to concerts. I also enjoy both digital and film photography and love to travel to new places to take photos.

Andrea Bugni

I grew up in Estacada, Oregon and am an entering EECS major. I love the STEM fields and have taken AP courses in chemistry, biology, and physics, as well as logic, calculus and university level math. I have also taken a number of classes outside of school in various programming languages and hardware design.

Meiling Zhai

Hey! I was born in Syracuse, New York but moved around between the US and China for a few years before settling in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where I've been for 13 years. I've always loved computers since I was a kid, but have little programming experience (just regular high school CS class). I also love music, art (traditional and digital), dance, games, food, and sleep.

Jessica Chang

I was born in Sunny SoCal and raised in Claremont. I first got interested in computers in elementary school, by teaching myself CSS and HTML for Neopets =D. From then on I became enamored of anything related to technology. I enjoy hiking, creating graphic designs, playing b-ball, meeting new people, eating, and of course learning to code!One day I hope to become a speaker for Society of Women Engineers and work for a start-up in the lovely Bay Area!

Amy Shu

Hi! My name is Amy, and I have lived in San Jose my entire life. I'll be in the College of Letters & Sciences this fall, looking into majoring in Computer Science. I am super excited to be attending Cal in the fall! Ever since I attended a video game design program, I have been interested in expanding my knowledge in Computer Science. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, playing tetris, and crocheting.

Hannah Huang

Hi I'm Hannah! I'm from Sunnyvale, CA and live with my parents and my border collie Panda. I enjoy playing tennis and rock climbing, especially rock climbing at the moment.For me, computer science is such a versatile skill that can be useful in every major and I want to understand how to use it with confidence.

Selena Shang

Hi! I'm Selena from Livermore, CA, which is about an hour away from Berkeley. I'm an EECS major, but I've had very limited experience with programming. I'm not sure which route to take within EECS, which a reason that I wanted to be a part of CS KickStart. Nonetheless, I think it is a very rewarding field that inherently fosters creativity and innovation, and I'm excited to learn more about it!

Lois Ho

Hi everyone! My name is Lois Ho and I am from SoCal. I love playing tennis, going to church, and browsing Facebook. I am admitted into the College of Letters and Science and my intended major is computer science. A friend inspired me to study computer science so I am curious and excited to learn. I love being energetic and I can’t wait to meet all of you! :)

Anna Papitto

I was born in Rhode Island, lived in New Mexico, and finally made it to the Bay Area four years ago. I'm interested in all different kinds of science, so I'm not sure what I'll be majoring in yet! I love music and I play violin and piano. I also love animals and volunteer at the San Francisco Zoo.

Tiffanie Lo

Hello everyone, my name is Tiffanie, and I've lived in the Bay Area for all of my school-going life. I'm always looking for something new to learn, and I have no idea what I want to do with my life, so I wanted to give CS a try. When I have free time, I enjoy playing video games, reading, watching Netflix shows, listening to and making music, contemplating the meaning of life, and having adventures. I also hate cucumbers.

Yian (Annie) Cheng

Hello! My name is Annie Cheng and I'm entering Berkeley as an Engineering Undeclared major. My interest in CS started last year while I was at a summer camp when my friends learned how to program and to create their own video games. I was born in Singapore, moved to Canada and lived there for 5 years (no I actually don't end my sentences with eh! Surprising eh?) before moving to Fremont, CA where I currently live. I love to eat food, watch tv, travel, nap, and to take pictures.

Anne-Ting Chen

Hi everyone, I am Anne-Ting from Taipei, Taiwan. I have been moving back and forth between Taiwan and Japan during my childhood. I'm currently undeclared in the College of Letters & Science with an interest in pre-health. Although I have very limited knowledge in programming I've always liked math so I look forward to explore and learn about Computer Science, and hopefully this program will help me discover a new interest.

Angela Lin

Hello! My name is Angela and I was born and raised in a suburb east of downtown Los Angeles named Monterey Park. I will be a Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major in the fall because I love physics and math. I am interested in CS because I enjoy creative problem solving and it has so many wonderful applications! In high school, I was involved in choir (show and classical), Math Club, CSF, NHS, United Sciences, and Student Advocates for Voter Empowerment. In my free time, I like playing board games, reading, cooking, singing, hiking, and taking photos.

Hanna Lee

Hello! I was born in San Diego, California, but I spent five years living in Korea before moving back to SD to attend middle school and high school. At school, I was involved in track and field and I started a new chapter of DECA. I intend to major in either computer science or cognitive science. Originally, I thought I was heading towards the business field until I fell in love with CS in my computer science class just my senior year. My hobby is utilizing the wonders of the Adobe programs to design graphics and layouts, and I spend most of my time interning at a newspaper company and being the art director of a magazine. I hope to explore the fields of computer graphics, UI design, and human-computer interaction in more depth. I am so excited for August to come around!

Meg Holtzinger

Hi! I’m Meg and I live in Redmond, Washington. I currently plan on majoring in Computer Science in the College of Letters and Science, but I’m interested in exploring other fields at Berkeley as well! I don’t have much CS experience, but I enjoy making videos with Adobe software and photoshopping my friends with celebrities :) . I also enjoy wake surfing, playing piano and flute, and teaching tennis to little kids. I’m excited to meet you all at Berkeley!

Christine Wang

Hello, world! I’m from Los Altos, a cute and inexplicably sidewalk-less town about an hour southwest of Berkeley. I’m majoring in EECS in the College of Engineering this fall. I don’t have much programming experience, but I look forward to exploring the amazing possibilities of computers at CS KickStart so I can someday help design the next “game-changing” machines that revolutionize the way we think and live. I love baking, running, eating Nutella and Sriracha sauce (not at the same time!), balancing stuff on my head, and caterpillars, who are incredibly wise. I look forward to meeting all of you this August!

Sidney Aviles Dimova

I have lived in the SF Bay Area all my life and could not be happier to continue living in such an amazing and cultured environment for the next four years. I plan to major in Applied Mathematics at Cal, but I recently became very interested in Computer Science after one of my best friends introduced me to the world of programming. While at UC Berkeley, I also hope that I can continue dancing. Ballet has been a passion of mine for 13 years and I almost declined college to pursue a professional career in dance. Yet after meeting some truly intelligent and enthusiastic people at UC Berkeley I knew that this is where I wanted to be. Hopefully the knowledge I gain through the Kickstart program will help me succeed in my CS classes at Cal and potentially lead me to become a CS major!

Alanna Tran

Hello! My name is Alanna and I come from Milpitas, CA, which is between San Jose and Fremont in the South Bay. I am an incoming EECS major with no programming experience at all, but I would love to learn about computer science through CS Kickstart! Although I enjoy math and the physical sciences a lot, I also have a deep passion for history, centered more on U.S. History. My hobbies include reading almost anything, painting with acrylic paint, watching TV and movies, and spending time with my younger brother. In high school, the activity I enjoyed the most was tutoring people in math. It is something that I plan to continue doing up at Cal! I look forward to having a great time at CS Kickstart and meeting other Cal Bears!

Allison Yee

Hi! I'm Allison Yee from Chino Hills, born and raised in Southern California. I'm planning to major in Computer Science in the College of Letters and Sciences at Cal. In high school, I was heavily involved in FBLA and the Photography Club. I love anything related to technology and aesthetics, including all types of design and fashion. You can always catch me poring through blog updates on my RSS feed, escaping into a novel, or watching something on Netflix. I've also had fun playing around with CSS and making blog-type layouts, but I haven't really programmed - so I'm extremely glad and excited to be a part of CS KickStart!

Amanda Chow

Hey everyone! I’m Amanda and I’m from North Reading, Massachusetts, a tiny little town north of Boston. I’ve spent my entire life in the North Reading but I’ve always wanted to move to California, so I’m really excited to attend UC Berkeley. I will be in the College of Letters & Sciences as an intended computer science major this fall. I don’t have much programming experience besides an introductory programming class I took in high school last year, but math has always been my favorite subject so hopefully that’s a start. And as for a little bit more about myself, I love music, coffee mugs, exploring new places, painting birdhouses, otters, dorky jokes, and playing tennis. I’m so appreciative of the opportunity that this program presents and I’m really excited to join the CS KickStart team!

Nava Zokaei

I was born and raised in Iran but went to high school in Dubai. Ever since I was 13 I was fascinated by different areas of computer science especially artificial intelligence, because in Computer Science there is always room for growth. There is no limit to what you can do and where you can get to and that is what captured my interest. I am never able to put down a programming problem until I find the solution to it. Although computer science is the source of my fascination, I have many diverse interests. I began playing the piano at the age of 7.I play sports such as badminton and swimming from quite early in my life. One of my favorite hobbies is watching movies from different genres and different countries. I love meeting people from new countries and cultures so this program is a great opportunity for me to pursue my passion and meet people who share this passion with me.

Tanya Krishnakumar

Hello, my name is Tanya and I am an upcoming EECS major. In high school, I was an active part of my school's orchestra and badminton team. I also sang Indian Classical Music, was part of an exchange program through which I went to Japan, and taught math in Kumon. I have always been interested in computers, so I decided to enter this field, but I ultimately hope to be a woman pioneer in the tech industry. Through this program, I hope to meet other CS/EECS majors and form a bond that will last my college years and more.

Lorraina Hernandez

Hey! I'm Lorraina but everyone calls me Rainy, I'm from a little cow town in the valley and am going to study Computer Science. I'm super excited to get involved in the LGBT community and to meet new people in college. Go Bears!

Daniela Lopez

I come from Los Angeles, where the weather is almost always perfect. I was admitted into the College of Letters & Sciences as an Undeclared major but I am considering a major in Economics with a minor in Computer Science. Although I have no experience in CS, I am very much excited about this program. I love going out with friends and hope to meet many new ones at this program. A few other hobbies include reading, watching drama TV shows, and eating!

Irene Lee

Hello everyone. My name is Irene and I am from South Korea. I was admitted to L&S undeclared(pre-haas) but now hope to major in computer science or/and applied mathematics. I don't have any programming experience except that I am taking a course over the summer. I also love playing instruments especially piano. Oh I also love shopping. I look forward to meeting everyone and learning more about the community!

Natasha Shams

I was born and raised in Texas, but I'm so excited to be a Cal bear in the fall! I enjoy playing around with any kind of programming/technology, so I think the CS major is perfect for me. I also love playing ultimate frisbee and volleyball with my friends. Go Bears! :)

Rachel Li

Three truths and a lie: I can have eccentric tastes and a wicked and sideways sense of humor. I enjoy the humanities and sciences alike, and look forward to wandering the gamut in the College of Letters and Sciences. I have dabbled in the area of computer science before, but CS Kickstart will be the first time I’ve actually taken a class. I’m a woman of many mysteries.

Rachel Zhang

Hey I'm Rachel Zhang! I've lived in Santa Cruz, CA all my life. If you guessed I'm openminded and say "dude", you're right. I love meeting new people and having interesting discussions so feel free to chat any time! I'll be an Engineering Physics major--if you know any other freshmen women in this major, please let me know (too much testosterone now...)! Other than copying and pasting code for an Arduino project in school, this will be my only CS experience so far, but I'm definitely excited! I love music, movies, tennis, leisurely hikes, and amusement parks. Somethings cool about me..hmmm...well this is kind of nerdy but I create really quirky mnemonic devices and love constitutional law (go Mock Trial pre-trial!). Can't wait to meet all of you :D

Moira Peckham

Hi! I'm from a small coastal town in central California called Morro Bay. I really dig gardening (puns), music, and creating art. My favorite bands are Angels & Airwaves, the Gorillaz, and Vampire Weekend. I love science fiction and watching films. Any film. I will watch it. I'm looking into CS because I know how versatile it is. My interests are incredibly broad so I wanted to explore a subject that could potentially flow into all of the things I'm curious about, things which include space, the environment, filmmaking, art, and biology. I also absolutely love to travel (my favorite two places that I have ever been are Scotland and the Galapagos). Can't wait to be a Bear!

Jenna Huang

Hi everyone! My name is Jenna and I'm from Sacramento. I'm super excited to be attending CS Kickstart and meeting other girls interested in the field of computer science especially at my number one dream school, UC Berkeley! At first I was scared of going into computer science because of my lack of experience in programming, but I knew that my interest in software engineering should overcome my fear. Some little things about me are that I'm very social. My favorite color is mint and my favorite TV shows are The Office, Parks and Rec, Greek, and Modern Family. I love to play volleyball and occasionally tennis, and I'm planning on starting yoga once I get to college. One interesting thing about me is probably that I have the biggest appetite known to mankind, which is a blessing and a curse. All in all, I am so excited to start off my college experience with a program like CS Kickstart!

Morgan Ewing

Hello! I'm from the Monterey, CA area and I'm very excited to be attending Berkeley next year as a possible Computer Science and Theater major in the College of Letters & Sciences. Although I have limited experience with computer science, I hope to find new interests through this program. I love theater, vocal music, and filmmaking and my favorite TV shows are The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Orange Is the New Black. Can't wait to meet you all!

Sreesha Venkat

Hi! I'm Sreesha and I'm from New Providence, NJ. This fall I'll be entering the College of Letters & Sciences as an intended Computer Science major. I've lived in New Jersey my entire life, so moving across the country to California is going to be a big change, but I'm excited to see what opportunities it brings. Being part of CS Kickstart should make the transition a little easier though, especially because it'll give me the chance to meet other students before the school year starts!

Jamie Ni

Hi! I'm Jamie Ni and I'm from SoCal! I will be majoring in Computer Science in the College of Letters and Science. I am extremely excited to attend Cal this fall. GO BEARS! I have always been interested in technology, especially the software side of it, so I thought that CS is a great major for me. I love listening to music, especially alternative, rock pop, and pop. A few of my favorites are The Script, Bastille, ATL, Sara Bareilles, and so much more! I'm really excited to meet all of you this fall!

Nicki Peternel

Hey everyone! I'm an EECS major from Morgan Hill, CA, which is just south of San Jose. I enjoy playing softball, watching Netflix, listening to music (anything from Ed Sheeran to twenty one pilots to The Strokes) and going to Giants games! I've always been interested in computer science but never had the opportunity to learn more about it, which makes all of this so much more exciting. I'm really looking forward to meeting new people and experiencing all Berkeley has to offer!

Sabrina Fathi

Hi! My name is Sabrina Fathi, and I'm from Casablanca, Morocco. I spent my senior year studying abroad in Massachusetts, and I cannot express how excited I am to be spending the next four years far from New England snowstorms. As you can tell, I'm not a winter person, and coming from a country where the Mediterranean climate keeps you warm all year round, I've always indulged in outdoor activities such as paddle boarding, horseback riding (You can always find me riding at the barn near my house), and playing tennis. I'm really interested in CS because I truly find it fascinating, and I see myself always pushing the limits of technology when I've graduated. I'm pretty much glued to my computer half the time, programming a bit, and watching one of the many, many TV shows I'm addicted to.

Jennifer Be

Hello! I’m from Santa Clarita, a suburb north of Los Angeles. I’m an intended Computer Science and Psychology major. Computers and the Internet helped me branch out from a shy and timid child, and I hope my contributions to computer science aid in inspiring a new generation of children. In addition, I love that the field is versatile and that I can incorporate it with my interests, which include psychology, baking, community service and design. I also enjoy exploring, ice skating, being environmentally friendly, and watching documentaries! I look forward to getting to know about everyone’s goals and ambitions, and to participate in this wonderful program!

Alice Wang

Hey guys, I'm Alice from the beautiful Monterey Bay, California. I'm aiming for an L&S CS major but I don't have much experience in computers or coding except for a few self-learning attempts and HTML/CSS from Tumblr so I'm thankful for any help I get! I enjoy math/logic problem solving and hopefully computer science will be a possible future career. Some things about me? I love animals, especially cats, I got 2 of them at home. I am an avid listener of all genres of music from Kpop to alternative rock. I love playing video games.. like League of Legends and watching anime.. shamelessly it almost becomes a lifestyle. When I'm not glued to the computer screen, I play piano for fun or go for a run or swim. I am really excited to attend Cal and meet all of you this Fall!

Dipsikha Halder

I'm from Cupertino, California (Yup, Apple Headquarters) and hope to major in Computer Science or Applied Mathematics at Cal. Although I’ve been painting for as long as I can remember, I recently started playing around with 3-D modeling and graphics softwares such as Autodesk Maya and Blender. Seeing their applications intersect with what I’ve learned in calculus, physics, and Java first sparked my interest in computer science, especially computer graphics. I also play the violin, am a big fan of Thai food, and love climbing onto my roof to look at stars. I'm so excited to start my freshman year with CS Kickstart—I've heard lots of great things about the program and can't wait to meet everyone!

Sophia Zheng

I am from Santa Barbara, a small beach town on the California coast, and will be attending Berkeley as an Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major. EECS is such a new field and I am excited by the possibilities of where it could go. I have been playing piano since I was four, so it’s safe to say music has been a huge part of my life, whether it be classical music (my favorite period is the Romantic Period) or modern music (Vampire Weekend, AWOLNATION, and Lily Allen are some of my favorite artists). In high school, I became engrossed in mock trial, and I hope to continue mock trial at Berkeley. I love rollercoasters, frozen yogurt, and going to the beach.

Saloni Shah

Hi there! I'm Saloni! I was born and raised in the Bay Area, so naturally, my proximity to Silicon Valley has exposed me to technology at a young age. I'm excited to major in Computer Science because of the endless possibilities the field has to offer. I have some experience with programming, but nothing too advanced. I'm looking forward to CS KickStart, meeting fellow bears and expanding my CS knowledge.

Divine Velasquez

Well, my name is Divine Velasquez. I am from Garfield High School, which is located in East Los Angeles. I am not the most outgoing person, but I do enjoy having long, random conversations about anything that is NOT politics. My hobbies include playing volleyball, drinking an exaggerating amount of water, making witty remarks, drawing, napping, and spending an unacceptable amount of time on the computer browsing the web and watching random cat videos on YouTube. As far as my CS background, I don’t have one, but I am eager to start my CS journey with CS Kickstart! ?

Elaine Zhao

Hi everyone! My name is Elaine and I’m from Mountain View, California. You’ll often find me coming up with (semi-bad) puns, watching Ellen videos on YouTube, and racing in Mario Kart as the coolest driver Yoshi. I’ve been doing Chinese dance since first grade and hope to continue dancing in college (for fun). Regarding academics, I’ll be in UC Berkeley’s College of Letters & Science, where I’m excited to learn new things. Recently I’ve become particularly interested in Computer Science, as it seems to offer endless possibilities for creating things that help our world or are just awesome. I don’t have much Computer Science experience, so hopefully I can learn more about the field and develop some programming skills at CS KickStart. Overall, I’m excited to attend the program and look forward to meeting you all! Go Bears!

Quinn Tran

Hey, everyone! I'm Quinn, from Westminster, California, near Huntington Beach. I'm interested in computer science because I've grown up with a passion for building structures and would love to do the same in a possible career. Also, I like to play video games. I've only started coding senior year in Java and fell in love with it as soon as my programs didn't work. My hobbies include swimming, watching tv, fashion and cosplay. I've cosplayed Nightingale from Skyrim, Yuna from Final Fantasy X, and a wizard from Diablo III (currently). My favorite tv shows are Hannibal, Supernatural, and Parks and Recreation. I'm excited to meet everyone!

Maisha Kabir

Born in the Bay Area, raised in drizzly Washington. My interest in technology started young, but has only developed recently through classes in Java and cryptography. In 2012, I participated in a summer cryptography program at Stanford University. There, I had my first brush with proofs and coding. I walked out of the program knowing that I needed to learn Java or Python ASAP. In these coming years, I hope to study Applied Mathematics and/or Computer Science. I spend my free time sketching portraits, fangirling over Harry Potter, and fighting oppressive social structures.

Allyson O'Malley

I'm Allyson O'Malley and although I was born in California, I spent the majority of my life moving around because of my Dad's work. First Connecticut, then Australia, then DC, Kentucky, Spain and finally back to Newport Beach. In my spare time I enjoy surfing, learning foreign languages, and going to concerts. I have had an interest in computers and programming since I was little and have always hoped that I would attend UC Berkeley one day! I am so excited to experience CS Kickstart, meet new people with similar interests, and major in CS in L&S!

Jessica Kwon

Greetings from Valencia, California! I'm a future L&S student looking to couple a major in Computer Science with possibly a minor in the Practice of Art. I don't have much experience with programming, but ever since job shadowing at Disney Animation Studios, I've been fascinated with computer graphics and animation. My dream is to return to the studio one day and work there myself. You can find me singing with guitar on hand, binge watching movies, making art, looking for a caffeine fix, or exploring niches and new places in an attempt satisfy my chronic wanderlust. I like turtles and look forward to meeting you all. GO BEARS!

Tina Zheng

Hi everyone! I'm Tina from Southern California. I'm currently undecided in the College of Letters and Science, but I'm interested in pursuing a major in computer science or economics. I have pretty limited programming experience, but I'm excited to learn from CS Kickstart and from my time at Berkeley! In my free time, I like to hike, collect stationery, and watch Grey's Anatomy. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you! :-)

Katharine Sen

RAWR Cal bears! I am Katharine, greeting you from Oakland, California (few minutes drive away from Berkeley)! I am interested in applied mathematics, architecture, politics, and environmental protection, which is no wonder I can't decide on a major. Now I am about to add computer science to the list. I have no experience with computer programming, but I am psyched to participate in CS KickStart. I use Google and my phone apps everyday without understanding how they were created. I want to understand programming and computers overall through CS KickStart. I love to read manga, watch criminal shows and cartoons, listen to dubstep, doodle, bake sweets, and eat. Fun Fact: I'm a leap year baby! Can't wait to meet you fellow bears! :D

Nancy Chang

Hi! My name is Nancy Chang and I'm from Cupertino, California. Yes, "hella" does occasionally appear in my vocabulary, and I have a crazy obsession with pearl milk tea and dogs. I just recently became interested in CS because I realized how much bigger the world becomes when you have access to computer knowledge. I'm planning to major in Computer Science in the College of Letters and Sciences. Along with the many hours of studying Berkeley will surely require, in my free time, I plan on continuing my passion for bhangra, a Punjabi folk dance, playing badminton, sewing and fashion design. Something interesting about me, I guess, is that I'm exactly 5 ft tall, so I like to wear really high heels to make up for my height! The only experience I have with CS is the few lessons I took on so I'm looking forward to everything the CS Kickstart program has to offer!

Chrystabelle Ramirez

Hello everyone! My name is Chrystabelle Ramirez and I am from the Palm Springs area. This fall I have intended to double major in Computer Science and Spanish Literature. I love to dance and go out on adventures, whether its hiking and exploring or trying a new restaurant I love experiencing new things! I have no programming experience but I am eager to learn and meet people with a commom interest!

Grace Lightner

Hey everyone! I'm Grace, from Mill Valley in the SF Bay Area, and I'm an incoming EECS major. I'm interested in CS because I love creative problem-solving, math, and physics, but apart from the odd HTML editing for tumblr themes I have very little programming experience. I love drawing, both with a pencil and digitally through Photoshop, and I tend to doodle on things that aren't supposed to be drawn on. I also like reading (basically anything, but I love sci-fi/fantasy), Netflix, Comic-con, Tegan and Sara, and run-on sentences. Looking forward to meeting you all :)

Kathleen Gomez

I am excited beyond words to be able to be awarded this incredible opportunity. Coming from San Gabriel in SoCal, my main interests were in the arts and languages, right until I took one Web Programing class that ignited my interest in CS. It wasn't until now however that I have really gotten the chance to pursue that interest. As the first in my family to go to college its difficult to take a deep breath and plunge into fields that for one, I haven't had much experience in, but mainly, don't quite resonate as they aren't predominately women or much less hispanic. I hope at CS Kickstart I will find that solidifying realization that CS is definitely for me and that I will build a foundation that will keep me a strong CS contender in my years at Cal.

Elena Herbold

Lived in sunny San Diego all my life, so I can't wait for the Berkeley weather! I'm an EECS major, but I love the arts as well - I play violin with a number of groups, and hope to become fluent in another language and study abroad my junior year. In fact, I'll be in Japan until the 21st of July! I'm also a cat person, so if any of you want to hit up a San Francisco Cat Cafe, you know who to call.

Judith Syau

Hi! I’m Judith from San Jose, California. I grew up in Portland, Oregon and I moved to the Bay Area a few years ago. I’m an incoming EECS major without much programming experience, but computer science fascinates me because of its applications to graphics and design. I also have an affinity for foreign languages and I hope to explore linguistics during college. In my free time, I enjoy long distance running and arts and crafts. Sewing is one of my biggest passions and I like to refashion and design my own clothes. I look forward to meeting you all!

Tracy Chen

Hi! I'm Tracy. I'm from Fremont, California and I am an EECS major. I became interested in computer science after I attended a video game design summer program four years ago. Although my experience in programming is very limited, I am excited to be explore my interests through kickstart and learn more about the field of computer science! In my spare time, I like to visit new places and try out new restaurants. I also love to sing, travel, and meet new people. I look forward to meeting everyone this fall!

Jenny Li

Hi! I'm Jenny and I hail from sunny San Diego, California. I'm beyond excited to enter Cal this fall as an EECS major as I've always been enamored with technology and how it impacts our society. With the endless possibilities that come with computer science, I hope to continue expanding my programming knowledge and build some awesome projects. Currently, I'm especially interested in augmented reality devices like Google Glass and their effect on the way we interact with each other and the world around us. In addition to communicating in the language of computers, I also love writing and storytelling in all forms of media, from music to graphic design to film. I'm eager to explore the artistic as well as the technical side of CS and can't wait to see what Cal has to offer. Go Bears!

Ivette Flores

Hi, my name is Ivette Flores and I come from a small school in Inglewood, California. I've lived in Southern California my whole life and have an aversion to the cold. I'm not 100% on my major, but I'm leaning very strongly towards CS. My hobbies include watching Teen Wolf, spending way too much time on tumblr, reading, and playing tennis.

Melody Valdez

Hello everyone! My name is Melody, and I am from San Jose, CA. I have always considered myself a STEM girl ever since I started playing Internet games (e.g. Club Penguin and Neopets) when I was little. From then on, I continued to develop my interests in math and technology throughout middle and high school. During senior year, I took an introductory computer science class, which sparked my interest in programming and designing software. Although I only have limited experience with HTML/CSS and JavaScript, I can’t wait to expand my CS knowledge at UC Berkeley, starting with CS KickStart. Outside of STEM, I was very active in Key Club, a community service organization, and I would love to continue volunteering throughout college. I also live up to my name, since I enjoy playing piano and participating in my church’s youth choir.

Revati Kapshikar

Hi everyone! I'm from Fremont, California, and I’m going to be a coming into Berkeley this year as a EECS major. I don’t have much programming experience but I’ve always thought that computer science would be an introduction into an exciting and abstract way of reasoning. In high school, I’ve been actively involved in Speech and Debate and DECA, which is a business and marketing club. I’m interested in public policy as well, especially the intersection of government and science as it pertains to national security. At Berkeley, I hope to join the Ultimate Frisbee team and audition for the Mock Trial team. Some of my favorite TV shows include Psych, The West Wing, and House of Cards. I’m incredibly excited to be starting off my Berkeley experience with KickStart!

Deborah Yang

Hi! My name is Deborah, and I’m from the San Francisco Bay Area. I will be in the College of Letters & Science this fall, where I plan to major in Cognitive Science, and possibly double major in Computer Science. Computer science interests me because of its versatility—how it can be used in so many different fields. I hope that by gaining computer science skills I will have the ability to work in and explore many different subjects and disciplines. My other interests include reading (especially novels, manga, and news articles), human geography, learning new languages, playing piano, singing, watching movies (particularly espionage movies), and cooking. I’m really excited for CS Kickstart and UC Berkeley, and I look forward to meeting everyone!

Mavey Ma

Mavey (MAY-vee), 17 years old. Born within San Jose, raised by San Francisco, China, New Zealand, Oakland, San Leandro, Salinas, and now expanding my horizons at Berkeley. Some life goals include making Computer Psychology a “real” major, joining the Google team, and studying abroad in outer space. Would you believe me if I told you I was more excited when I learned about CS Kickstart than I was when I received my UC Berkeley acceptance letter? Computer science is like martial arts and poetry; self-defense and self-expression. I feel like a superhero in training to save the world, acquiring the ability to defend myself and others in the technological universe. I think my fondness of poetry enhances my curiosity for coding. They are cousins in writing, requiring muse, creativity, and overcoming writer’s block. As a wordsmith of both worlds, it makes me happy to practice an art form I enjoy.

Karen Lu

Hello, my name is Karen. I'm from Bakersfield, CA. I am EECS major with some interest in double majoring applied mathematics. I am intrigued by computer science because I believe how computer works somehow correlates to how the world works. Plus I like the title "Hacker" (not I want to be involved in privacy infiltrating, Hacker just sound cool). I read more about computer history than work on programming. I play video games, watch cartoons/anime (Avatar TLA,FMA Brotherhood...), and I am a big fan of Chinese history/Wuxia Universe.

Angelica Delzompo

Hello lovely people! I am from a not so far off land called Murrieta, which is right in between San Diego and Los Angeles in SoCal. Currently I am in the College of Engineering, but I am undeclared so I am hoping CS Kickstart will provide me with some clarity. I also have no programming experience whatsoever, but I am ready to jump in head first. Some of my favorite things are cookie dough ice cream, long walks on the beach, and Led Zeppelin. I also play alto saxophone and have an undying love for Mock Trial. For now, I am just stoked to meet you all! Go Bears!

Jenny Guo

Since we can’t go through wormholes or black holes just yet, let’s build the future the realistic way, code by code. Excuse me, I’m “a little” obsessed with cosmology that kind of stuff: time travel, higher dimension, and multi-universe… Besides being a cosmo-worm, I also love dancing. Mainly ballet, but I also like hip-hop, jazz, and ballroom. I believe that the road to the future is paved by CS, that’s how important CS is. I might look quiet, but you can tell me if that’s how I really am once you get to know me.

Azucena Castro

Hello, my name is Azucena Castro, and I am from Compton in SoCal. I'm currently a junior majoring in EECS. Since my involvement in CSK, I've gone on to became a Social Media Manager at UC Berkeley Hispanic Engineers and Scientists and a Peer Advisor for The Division of Data Sciences.

Joan Zhu

I was born and raised in the Bay Area and have spent 3 years at Berkeley! I'm currently in the EECS Honors Program and I love mobile app and web development! CSK really encouraged me to pursue CS and introduced me to many CS related clubs.

Natalia Layson

Hi, I'm Natalia and I've lived in the Bay Area my whole life. I'm a third-year EECS major and I recently interned as a software engineer at Google! CSK really opened up so many opportunities for me and gave me a supportive community.

Savannah Longoria

My name is Savannah Longoria. CSK really allowed me to enjoy my time at Berkeley and encouraged me to fully explore all the opportunities offered. I am currently an undergraduate research data science fellow and also involved in engineers for exploration!

Rosemarie De La Melena

My name is Rosemarie De La Melena! I am from am small city in SoCal. During my time at Berkeley I was a lab assistant for CS10 and also worked at Morgan Stanley as a wealth management intern.

Angela Kwon

Hi! My name is Angela Kwon and I'm from LA. I'm currently an applied math major and am involed in the Data Lab. I really enjoyed the CS classes Berkeley had to offer so I went on to become lab and teaching assistants after CS 61A/B!

Anais Miller

Hello! I'm from Los Angeles, California and I am majoring in Computer Science. CSK introduced me to an amazing close-knit family, and I'm currently in Association of Women in EE&CS with many CSK alumni! During my past summers I have interned at Microsoft as a software engineer and I had lots of fun.

Jennie Chen

Hi! I'm from San Jose, California, and I'm currently getting my masters in CS at Stanford! During my undergrad at Berkeley I got the opportunity to intern at Khan Academy as a software engineer and also Capital Group as a data science summer associate.

Alicia Kim

Hello! I'm Alicia, and I'm currently majoring in cognitive science. I love how CSK provided many opportunities to me both inside and outside the CS department. I currently work as an undergraduate research assistant at Kayser Lab!

Jamie Delbick

Hi! I'm Jamie Delbick and I'm a senior at UC Berkeley studying applied mathematics with a data science concentration and a minor in computer science. I'm currently a software engineering intern at Adobe!

Irani Mendez Velazquez

Hi, I am from Los Angeles and I was originally from Mexico. I'm currently an ethnic studies major but CSK really helped me explore a new and exciting field. I've maintained close connections with my cohort and I'm met some of my best friends through this program!

Anita Rani

Hello everyone! My name is Anita and I'm from Pittsburg, California. I am a cognitive science major and have also worked as a customer outreach intern. Meeting people through CSK helped me transition better into college and I always have people to reach out to for help.

Allyson Koo

Hi! I'm Allyson Koo, and I'm from San Ramon, CA. I'm a computer science major and can't wait to graduate in 2019! I love the applications of CS and was able to apply my skills as a software engineering intern at both Microsoft and WhatsApp.

Isabelle Townley-Smith

Hi! I'm a Berkeley Statistics student passionate about data science and learning. I was heavily involved in the Data Science department and was an assistant instructor for Data 8. From my experience as an AI I went on to become a data science intern at Livongo.

Rasika Sudharshan

My name is Rasika Sudharshan and I was born and brought up in Fremont, CA. I'm a cognitive science major and clinical research assistant at UCSF Medical Center. The people I met through CSK have been so supportive throughout my whole undergrad and I'm so glad I applied to CSK!

Vivian Fang

Hi everyone! I come from Mililani, Hawaii, a town that's 2,400 miles away from Berkeley and I'm an EECS major. I am so glad I got to gain exposure to EECS through CSK. During my undergrad I was able to be a cyberinfrastructure intern and also a software engineering intern at Nefeli Networks!

Jessica Cherny

Hello Bears! I'm a senior at UC Berkeley studying economics and data science.I have gotten several opportunities as a strategy and data analytics intern at companies like Seagate Technology and Deloitte. On campus, I am very involved with my Israeli startup consulting club, Tamid Group, where I have gotten the chance to work as a project manager for a consulting project with a payments startup

Emma Chiu

Hi everyone! I'm Emma from Modesto, California, where the majority of the world's almonds are grown. I'm an EECS major and part of Association of Women in EECS, where I get to meet inspiring women with the same interests and also meet people in industry. Last summer, I was a software engineer at Facebook, where I applied my CS skills to create ads.

Megan Kristovich

Hi! I'm Megan, and I'm from Livermore, California. On campus, I was the former lead organizer for CSK and am in charge of activites and societies in Association of Women Engineers. My favorite experience was interning at PG&E as a power quality engineer.

Subhiksha Mani

Hi! I'm Subhiksha and I'm a student at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science and Data Science, with an emphasis in Human Cognition. Concerning Data Science, I have been a student instructor for around two years and was also the analytics research team lead for understanding the data science ecosystem at Cal.

Akriti Singh

Hey everyone! I am currently a senior at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science and Data Science. Over the past few years, I've worked on projects in product design, data science, and full stack software engineering. I am currently an undergraduate student instructor for Foundations of Data Science (Data 8), an intro data science class at UC Berkeley.

Dorrin Akbari

Hello! My name is Dorrin Akbari, and I amd a legal studies undergraduate with a demonstrated history of working in the law practice industry. I am currently a legal assistant working for Valle Makoff LLP. Even though I didn't major in CS, CSK still helped me transition smoothly into college with a group of amazing girls.

Sona Jeswani

Hello! My name is Sona Jeswani and I am a senior at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science, Statistics and Economics. I have developed a passion for data science, machine learning, software engineering, and finance. I will be interning at Google again this summer and I'm excited to expand my horizons through meaningful projects!

Anahita Farshi Haghro

Hey everyone! I am currently a fourth-year Linguistics major at UC Berkeley. I spent most of my childhood moving around and living in different countries, including Japan, Germany, and the Netherlands, which is why I have taken an interest in the scientific study of languages. This past summer, I studied at the National University of Singapore and worked at a technology and education company called TinkerTanker. I

Elizabeth Schafle

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Schafle, and I am from Napa, California. CSK was such an eye opening experience and I loved that the program targeted increasing diversity in STEM fields. During my sophomore and junior year I was able to intern at Google and after graduation I will work as a software engineer for Confluent!

Florence Lau

Hi! My name's Florence. I've lived in Cerritos, CA for most of my life. I'm majoring in computer science and cognitive science and am currently involved in Blueprint as an app developer. Last summer I also interned at Vimeo as a software engineer.

Lauren Stoops

Hi! I'm Lauren from Los Altos, California (next to Stanford). I'm currently majoring in computer science and am planning on working as a software engineer at Clover Network after graduation. Participating in CSK really allowed me to build meaningful connections with a diverse group of girls and I really loved my experience.

Tamika Bassman

I am a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Environmental Engineering and emphasizing in Structural Engineering, Mechanics, and Materials (SEMM). I currently work as an undergraduate researcher for Professor Claudia Ostertag and as an intern with Arup's Advanced Technology and Research group in San Francisco. My previous work experience includes serving as a structural engineering intern with AECOM's Buildings + Places structural engineering group in Oakland.

Simin Liu

Hi everyone! I'm Simin and I hail from Albuquerque, NM. I am an EECS major, interested in algorithms and machine learning. My past experience includes interning at Microsoft in my freshman and sophomore years, working on web development and natural language processing.

Kiva Uhuru

Hello, world! I'm an EECS major from San Jose, California. My areas of technical interest are Human-Computer Interfacing, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality. As for my involvement on campus, I am one of the founders of Robotics at Berkeley, a student organization that brings mentorship, monetary resources, and man-power to student projects relating to robotics and hardware hacking.

Shaili Patel

Hi, my name is Shaili and I am from Cupertino, California. I was admitted to Berkeley as computer science major but ended up majoring in MCB. Club-wise, I'm involved in Mobile Developers of Berkeley, Pre-Med Honor Society, and OASES. CSK was great for me because whenever I walk around campus I always get to see friendly faces.

Leslie Tsai

Hello! I'm Leslie. I'm from Sunnyvale, California, but I was born in New Jersey. I'm majoring in computer science and cognitive science. Outside of academics, I'm heavily involved with Cal Band. My past experiences include being a research intern at Intelligent Information Service Research Lab and interning at Tableau Software.

Cassie Yin

Hey there! My name is Cassie, a current EECS major. I was scared thinking of how daunting UC Berkeley would be but through CSK I have met so many incredibly talented people. In my CS/EE classes, I always see friendly faces and my CSK family makes my classes so much more fun!

Alejandra Ibarra

My name is Alejandra Ibarra and I am pursuing a degree in Cognitive Science. I am passionate about closing the gender and racial gap in technology. I am currently an intern at Golden Goods USA, a unique brand elevation firm that helps companies extend their brand to a high-touch consumer experience.

Aishwary Bhupartiraju

Hi! My name is Aishwarya and I’m from SoCal. I am currently majoring in data science and minoring in computer science. CSK really allowed me to grow as a person and I met so many of my closest friends through this program. I was recently a development intern at Component Control, where I applied both my data science and computer science skills.

Karen Darken

Hey, I'm Karen. I was born way over in New Jersey, but we moved to California when I was 3 so I really don't remember much of it! My favorite experiences at Berkeley aside from CSK include being an academic intern for cs61a and cs61b. Working with students to teach lab sections really solidified my CS knowledge and helped me get a CS internship at Naval Postgraduate School!

Julie Deng

Hey everyone! I am a student majoring in Computer Science. I am driven by my desire to utilize the skills I learn both inside and outside of class to areas of social good. On campus, I am an Android Developer in Mobile Developers of Berkeley. Last summer I was also able to be an EP intern for Google!

Delaney Gomen

Hello! I am a statistics major and was a data science lab assistant for Data 8! I love the versatility of fields related to CS and CSK helped introduce me to so many diverse opportunities.

Katie Gu

Hi there! I am a third year EECS major interested in the intersection of technology and education. Currently, I am developing a web application, Study Bears, that helps students search for and create study groups. In my spare time, I enjoy teaching and leading, as I tutor mathematics at the Student Learning Center.

Nikita Gupta

Hello! I am a triple major in computer science, cognitive science, and data science. I loved CSK and was a lab instructor and residential advisor in 2017. I am the vice president of Codeology and co-founder/president of Political Computer Science at Berkeley (PCS).

Mariela Hernandez

Hello! My name is Mariela Hernandez, and I'm a 3rd year. I am working towards 2 majors; one in computer science and another in cognitive science with an emphasis in design. I am also working towards a certificate in entrepreneurship and technology!I currently work at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health where I have roles as a PM and a web master. I was previously a Microsoft New Technologist during summer 2018.

Tiffany Ho

Hello! I'm Tiffany Ho, from SoCal. I'm Asian, but I prefer non-Asian cuisine. I loved my time in CSK and recently helped organize the 2018 summer program! CSK allowed me to feel confident pursuing CS and gave me a strong support system.

Emily Hu

Hey everyone! I am a third year Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences student at UC Berkeley passionate about building great products and empowering users. I am an experienced developer with previous roles in both Software Engineering and Program Management at Microsoft and State Farm.

Moira Huang

Hi, I'm Moira Huang! I'm from Los Altos which is in the Bay Area (about an hour south of Berkeley). I'm a junior at UC Berkeley, and am a computer science and data science double major. I'm passionate about work that is the intersection of technology and people, particularly technology that is improving the lives of those outside of the tech industry. This fall, I am the External Vice President of Launchpad (a machine learning club) and am an Industrial Relations officer for the Association of Women in EECS.

Alyssa Huang

Hi, my name is Alyssa and I'm from the bubble of Irvine, CA. I'm an EECS major and I enjoyed my EE class so much that I'm currently a lab assitant for EE16B. Last summer I was a summer research intern at Yale, where I developed plotting frameworks and interactive applictions in R.

Emma Jaeger

Hi everyone! My name is Emma and I'm from Ashburn, Virginia (in the DC area). I am in the college of engineering and was a lead GSI for CS C8 this semester. Last summer I was a software engineer intern for Amazon and this summer I will intern at LinkedIn.

Michelle Ju

Hello! My name is Michelle Ju and I am a MCB major and music minor. I currently participate in undergraduate research at Feldman Lab, exploring the principles of cortical information processing, information storage and learning.

Jemma Kwak

Hey y'all! Current third-year studying Psychology and Design Innovation in beautiful Berkeley, California. At UC Berkeley, I am exploring the intersection of art, technology, and social good. At Cal, I find myself deeply embedded in many design organizations and roles, working to provide creative services to Berkeley and beyond. I am incredibly passionate about design education, taking any opportunity to teach others about web, mobile and product design.

Fei Kwan

Hi! My name is Fei Kwan and I’m from San Diego, California. I’m an EECS major and I love Berkeley thanks to CSK. Being involved in such a supportive community really encouraged me challenge myself and step outside my comfort zone. CS classes are daunting but I was able to succeed thanks to my friends from CSK.

Kristina Laue

Hello! I am a cognitive science major and I love the intersection of psychology and computer science. Last year, I was the head android developer at Gilderfluke & Co and also interned at Marples Gears. CSK really opened up my network at Berkeley and introduced me to so many opportunities.

Shannon Louie

Hi everyone! My name is Shannon and I’m a MCB and environmental science major. I am currently a lab research assistant at Saijo Lab and also a health and safety coordinator for American Red Cross.

Samira Maboudian

Hi! My name is Samira and I'm majoring in cognitive science (neuroscience concentration) and minoring in bioengineering. I was a CSK organizer and in the computer science scholars program. I am also a research associate in the neuroeconomics lab.

Yajushi Mattegunta

Hi, I'm Yajushi Mattegunta, and I've been born and brought up in the Bay Area. I'm an EECS major and interested in AI and machine learning. After CSK, I felt so empowered and inspired by the many industry speakers. They really encouraged me to pursue my passions in EECS.

Lotta Meriluoto

Hiya! I'm Lotta and I'm from Morristown, New Jersey. I am a computer science major and teaching assistant at girls who code. I was an engineering practicum intern at Google last summer and also a branding coordinator for UCB Basic Needs Secutiry Committee.

Thu Nguyen

Hey there! My name is Thu Nguyen, and I'm an undergraduate student at the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Computer Science, and looking towards opportunities to enter the technology industry. This past summer, I worked as an Engineering Practicum intern at Google in New York, where I designed and deployed a database viewer that allows Google engineers to view and navigate through Spanner databases.

Karen Ni

Hi everyone! I am an ethnic studies major and in Kappa Alpha Pi Pre-Law Fraternity. During my sophomore year I was an experience design intern at Accenture and I also have experience as a product and service design intern for Atlassin.

Sophia Papitto

Hello! I'm Sophia, and I've lived in the SF Bay Area since middle school. CSK really opened my eyes to women working in the STEM industry and inspired me to pursue a CS major!

Annie Ro

Hi everyone! My name is Annie and I'm an EECS major. I'm currently in BEAM (Berkeley Engineers and Mentors), and also Association of Women in EECS. Last summer I was a software engineering intern at Credible, where I designed and built an internal tool to allow ops team to update rate values.

Shreya Sahoo

Hi! I'm a rising junior at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science. I enjoy designing and developing new applications, and have an interest in teaching. I am interested in the intersection of technology and education, particularly education for students with special needs. This summer I will be an engineering practicum intern at Google!

Srividhya Shanker

My name is Srividhya Shanker, and I'm a CS major and a member of Computer Science Honors Society (UPE). I'm an alumni of Girls Who Code and was an extern at NetApp. I also interned at Hitachi Vantara last summer.

Rebekah Tang

Hello everyone! I am a third-year data science major. Data science is in essence, a means to explore my true passion: people. I am an interdisciplinarian whose goal is to combine data-driven insights with contextual knowledge from global, cultural, social, linguistic, and cognitive studies in order to improve the human experience through any opportunity available.

Annie Tang

Hello there! My name is Annie Tang, and I am a junior who is pursuing her bachelor's degree in Computer Science and is interested in exploring the intersections between health/education with technology. I am an incoming software engineering intern at Facebook.

Audrey Thompson

Hi there! My name is Audrey and I am currently a third year Computer Science major. I'm interested in working in the video games industry, especially in game development and game design. I was a software engineer intern at Electronic Arts, using JavaScript and HTML5 framework to code a game.

Christine Tung

Hi everyone! I'm Christine, and I'm from Cupertino, California. I am currently an undergraduate student researcher at BAIR (Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research) Lab. I also got the opportunity to be a software engineer intern at Google!

Melody Wei

Hey guys! My name is Melody and I am an EECS major. On campus im an app developer for Blueprint, which builds software solutions for local nonprofits. Last summer I was an android developer intern for Mammoth Media.

Jade Yen

Hello! My name is Jade Yen and I am from sunny Los Angeles, CA. I am a computer science and cognitive science major. I am cureently a tutor for Data 8 and also CS61A. Last summer I was an UI/EX intern at Novartizan, Inc.

Emily Zhong

Hi! I'm Emily, a third-year studying computer science. I'm interested in the intersection between people and technology, especially as technology's growth enables people to create new experiences and opportunities. On campus I am a project developer at Blueprint and also the director of diversity for Cal Hacks.

Caroline Zhou

Hi! I'm from San Ramon, California and a computer science major. I was a Teaching Assistant for iOS Development (CS198) and Lead Organizer for CS KickStart. I am also an active Committee Member in Society of Women Engineers (Berkeley Chapter). I am currently a software engineer at Salesforce.

Kiana Afshar

Hello! My name is Kiana Afshar, and I'm from the Bay Area. I'm hoping to discover how computer science fits in with my career goals and my other interests, on top of furthering my coding skills. In my free time, I love oil painting, kick-boxing, and robotics!

Celine Bellegarda

Hi everyone! My name is Celine and I’m from the small city of Saratoga, CA, which is about an hour away from Berkeley. I will be majoring in Molecular Environmental Biology in the College of Natural Resources at Cal, and I’m so excited for the four years ahead! I have some coding experience as I have taken classes in Objective C and Java, but I can’t wait to learn more through CS Kickstart! I’m very interested in the synthesis of biology and computer science, and hope to become involved in computational biology in the future. Outside of academics, I am an avid runner and hiker, and I also enjoy volunteering, as well as playing both the piano and the viola. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of CS Kickstart and I can’t wait to meet all of you! Go Bears!!

Joy Dong

Hi there! My name is Joy and I'm from the Bay Area. I actually applied to Berkeley as an Economics major and just recently became interested in Computer Science; nonetheless, I'm looking forward to learning more about it through this program and other courses. During high school, I played soccer, ran track and cross country, and was involved in many service clubs, such as Interact. I love traveling and going on adventures (especially ones that involve food!). At Cal, I plan to stay active, cheer on our sports teams, and make the most out of my four years. Go Bears!!

Annie Fogarty

Hi! My name is Anne Fogarty. I am from Greenbrae, CA, about 30 minutes from Berkeley. I am very excited to participate in the CS Kickstart program and the opportunity to learn from both peers and professionals. I have little background in computer science, but I love problem solving and creativity. I have many academic interests ranging from math to art, but I believe computer science will combine all of my skills and passions. In high school I was an editor for my school newspaper, I ran cross country, and played guitar. I also enjoy surfing, skateboarding in my free time. I cannot wait to explore computer science at Cal!

Sarah Hammond

Hi! I'm Sarah and I've lived in Phoenix, Arizona my entire life. I'm super excited to move to Berkeley; it feels kind of like an oven here for a significant portion of the year (we hit 119 degrees last month planes were canceled!). My dad was an electrical engineer and worked with computers a ton so he had me playing games like Scratch when I was little, which is what initially got me interested in CS. I stayed interested, obviously, once I realized how universally useful it is and I'll be majoring in EECS at Berkeley. In my free time, I tend to read a lot, mostly sci-fi/fantasy, but I also ran a hiking club at my high school which was really fun! We went out to different hikes on the weekends (at 4 am during the summer because you don't want to hike if the sun is up) and I hope to keep hiking at Berkeley, where the weather is nicer and I don't feel like I am going to melt.

Jennifer Hu

Hi everybody! My name is Jen, and I'm ecstatic to be a member of Berkeley's Class of 2021! I'm born and raised in Los Angeles, but most of my family is based in Shanghai. I absolutely love computer science and have been interested in it since middle school. This being said, I am also an alumni of the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program, and I loved being able to be at Disney and expand my knowledge(as well as getting to go to Disneyland for free :D) My hobbies include watching movies, hiking, cooking, and traveling. My absolute favorite thing to do is travel or explore, whether this means going to a new local cafe, checking out a new exhibit, or going overseas to visit family or eat some fresh sushi in a small town in Japan. I'm a huge foodie as well, and I can't wait to explore San Francisco. I'm exited to meet you all!

Purva Kapshikar

Hi everyone! I’m from Fremont, California, and I’m an incoming EECS major. I’m interested in computer science because of its versatility and applicability. I enjoy math and physics, and I'm excited to further my computer science knowledge at Cal. In high school, I played on the varsity tennis team and participated in clubs like DECA and ARK. My interests include playing piano, reading, singing along to the radio, hiking, saying “Fun Facts”, and watching Netflix. At Berkeley, I hope to join BBS and the Daily Cal, and maybe even the Ultimate Frisbee team. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Megan Kawakami

Hello! My name is Megan Kawakami and I am an EECS major from the very hot Fresno, CA. I don’t have much CS experience, but I am so excited to learn more in KickStart! I think computer science is cool because of its many applications and because of my love for STEM. I enjoy playing piano and listening to music—some of my favorite artists are Mumford and Sons, Logic, Zac Brown Band, and Blind Pilot. I also love being outdoors, collecting succulents, drinking tea, and hanging out with friends! I can’t wait to come to Berkeley and meet all of you! :)

Hannah Kim

Hello! My name is Hannah Kim and I am from the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles. I have zero computer science experience, so I am excited to jump in feet first and learn something new before the fall semester begins! My hobbies include reading novels, journaling, yoga, hiking with my family, and playing the viola. I'm also involved in social justice efforts and co-wrote assemblies at my high school as head of the Multicultural Affinity group. I'm hopeful I'll be able to add coding to my list of hobbies after Kickstart! Thank you for this opportunity to learn more about CS - I'm thrilled to be a part of this program!

Alisha Laroia

Hi everyone! My name is Alisha and I am from Fremont, California, about 45 minutes away from Berkeley. I am an interested in computer science because of the challenges it presents me in the way that I have to think and solve problems. Some of my hobbies include playing tennis and dancing. This fall, I look forward to getting involved in all the activities and academics in UC Berkeley.

Karen Lee

I'm Karen Lee -- born in San Francisco but East Bay-raised my entire life! I'm from a suburban town called San Leandro, next to Oakland and fifteen miles from Berkeley. Currently I'm a declared cognitive science major, but there is a high chance that my interests might lead me to different pursuits during the next four years. Regardless, fields like artificial intelligence and virtual reality fascinate me, so exploring computer science beyond the AP Computer Science class I took senior year is definitely an endeavor I want to undertake! Beyond that, though, I enjoy watching Jeopardy at 7pm from Monday to Friday, cheering loudly and obnoxiously for the US National Soccer Team, eating (as long as it doesn't involve pickles), pondering sometimes existential questions, and writing anything from creative non-fiction to original short stories.

Angela Li

Hello! My name is Angela Li and I'm from San Francisco, California. I'm an intended Cognitive Science major but I might change to Computer Science. I was first introduced to the concept of coding during the 7th grade but did not learn how to code until my junior year. In school, I learned that computer science can contribute to solving world’s most difficult problems and slowly I started to envision myself working in the tech field. During my spare time, I enjoy baking, volunteering, facetiming, and watching YouTube videos. I also love meeting new people, going on scenic hikes, and trying different food cuisines. Looking forward to starting a new chapter of my life at UC Berkeley and I can't wait to meet you all at CS Kickstart!

Amy Li

Hi, I'm Amy and I was born in South Carolina but I moved to San Francisco, California near the end of middle school. I'm an intended Computer Science major in the College of Letters and Science and I'm super excited to meet other girls who are interested in CS! I spend a lot of my time on my computer playing games and binge-watching videos, and I also like doing arts and crafts.

Selena Li

Hi, my name is Selena! I was born and raised in San Francisco. I’m planning to major in Molecular and Cell Biology in the College of Letters and Sciences, but I also want to explore other topics! I got my first taste of computer science in elementary school, when I created a cat website using HTML. I later joined Girls Who Code in high school and loved how computer science could be applied to almost every field. In my free time, I like to play video games, go on boba adventures, and take daily afternoon naps! I’m excited to meet you all and start my college experience with CS Kickstart! :)

Danlin Lillemark

Hi everyone! I’m Danlin and I’m from San Jose, a 45 minute drive south of Berkeley. I’m in the college of Letters and Sciences, intending computer science. I’m interested in CS because I’m passionate about using code to influence the world in new ways and I like the versatility code allows me to have. I have relatively little experience with CS, except for during last summer, when I was introduced to bioinformatics at an internship. There, I used basic python to sort through genomic data to help determine prognosis for various cancers. During high school, I spent most of my time playing field hockey and going out to try new foods. I’m excited to learn alongside with and meet everyone at Berkeley!

Rachel Lim

"Hello! My name is Rachel and I am from Los Angeles, California. I’m super excited to be attending Berkeley this fall as an intended Computer Science major! I was on the VEX Robotics and rocketry team at my high school, so I’ve been exposed to a few languages like Arduino and Python. I absolutely love coding and I hope to grow my skills and interest in CS through this program! My hobbies include fencing, baking, watching Netflix, listening to music ranging from Ed Sheeran to K-pop, and travelling. I am excited to be a part of this program and I can’t wait to meet the rest of the CS KickStart family!"

Grace Lin

My name is Grace, and I was born and raised in San Diego. I'm super excited to see what learning and food opportunities await me at Berkeley, and I'm very grateful to be a part of CS Kickstart. I was first exposed to coding from taking AP Computer Science, and I'm looking forward to getting a better understanding of the field over the next four years. My favorite thing about computer science is the endless possibilities it can accomplish in any field. In my free time, I enjoy typical introvert activities such as reading, baking, painting, watching TV/movies, and playing the piano. Still, there's nothing I like more than spending quality time with others.

Esha Madhekar

Hi my name is Esha and I am from San Diego! My interest in CS stems from a desire to create products that will improve efficiency and interconnectedness in the future. I was first introduced to CS in a class at my school and have since used that interest and my interest in electronics to further my understanding through projects I have taken on. I hope to grow my understanding of CS to a deeper level over the next four years! Outside of academics, I love working with children and teaching science. I also enjoy learning dance and have been learning Indian classical dance for many years now.

Michelle Mao

Hey, this is Michelle Mao. I’m not related to the Chairman, sadly, though I am flying in from China. The flight’s 13 hours but if I’m tactical about it I can beat jet lag so #worthit. I was born and raised in Michigan, moved to China when I was seven, and moved four more times within China. Though it sucked being the new kid, I’ve really come to appreciate the opportunity to meet new people and adapt to a new environment. In other words, I’m stoked to meet you guys. To any musicians out there: hit me up for jam sessions—I make weird noises with my mouth. I also love playing cards if anyone wants to put the phone down and kick it old school. See you guys then.

Angelica Pan

Hi everyone! My name is Angelica and I’m from Indonesia. Though I was born in the US, I moved back here when I was four and have lived here ever since. I’ve fallen in love with Indonesia and its culture but I’m also so excited about coming back - let’s explore Berkeley together! I love trying new things and learning about others’ cultures. I’m in EECS and computer science interests me because of its infinity. I enjoy art and design and draw in my free time. I also love food, volunteering, cute things and playing ping pong and badminton with my friends. I’m also currently self studying Japanese and play the piano and violin. I’m super excited to meet you all! Go Bears!

Harini Rajan

Hello! I’m from San Ramon, CA and am looking into in majoring in CS at UC Berkeley. I’m interested in computer science because of how fast the field evolves and the variety of its applications. In the future, I would like to explore the intersections between healthcare and information technology. My hobbies include reading poetry and classic literature, following current events, and taking long walks in the morning. Cheesy jokes and puns are my favorite kinds of humor.

Jillian Smith

Hello everyone! My name is Jillian and I’m from Los Altos, California. I’m an intended L&S Computer Science major and think CS is beautiful because it can simplify complex problems to help almost anyone in any field. I don’t have much experience coding so I’m really excited to get started this summer! I love dancing and trained pre-professionally in ballet throughout high school. I also enjoy theater, hiking, math, and watching movies with friends. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and can’t wait to join the incredible community at Berkeley!

Karen Supandi

Hi! I'm Karen. I was born in Indonesia, but I've been living in Fremont, CA for a good part of my life. I got into CS because of this program called Girls Who Code, and I honestly fell in love with coding right there because I realized just how collaborative it was. I definitely believe it's important to have homies not only to struggle with together, but also to celebrate together when your code works. I'm an intended CS major, Hufflepuff, pianist, and professional snacker. Fun fact: if I hear a song that I really like, it's so hard for me to sit still. I'm also very spontaneous and outgoing, and if we ever go on a long, boring road trip together, I got you with my bad jokes! I'm so excited to be going to Cal and meet all of you cool people. See you guys soon :)

Ria Vinod

"Hey everyone! I’m Ria. I was born in Dallas, did most of my schooling in Bangalore, India, and now live in Minnesota. It’s an adventure moving to California, but definitely exciting! In school, I was heavily involved in our student-run newspaper, tech-based community service, and tennis. But in my free time, I love watching Tasty videos, reading political Op-Eds, and outdoorsy adventures. I’m an incoming EECS major, but I don’t have a whole lot of formal coding experience—whatever I know, I’ve learned online and used the trial and error method. I had always been fascinated by gadgets ever since I was young, and my love for tech and CS only further intensified from my interest in design, science and society. In how many other ways can you literally touch humanity? I’m so excited to attend Kickstart to dive into Cal’s innovative culture and meet a bunch of powerhouse girls! "

Cara Wolfe

Hey! I'm Cara and I'm from Lafayette which is about 15 minutes east of Berkeley. I'm hoping to study Computer Science at Cal. I've loved programming ever since I learned Scratch when I was younger. AP Computer Science was my favorite class in high school. Someday, I want to use computer science to help improve medical technology. Outside of programming, I love reading and listening to music. I'm so excited to become part of the Kickstart family. I can't wait to meet everyone! Go Bears!

Brianna Woo

Hi everyone! My name is Brianna and I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am extremely excited to be attending Berkeley as an EECS major and enjoy California weather. Even though I have some coding experience, I am looking forward to learning new things and gaining new insight to computer science applications for companies because I want to work for a technology company in the future. I love business and entrepreneurship and was involved in business camps, start up weekends, and DECA in high school. Aside from that, I participated in Science Olympiad, Student Council, Model UN, Orchestra, and Gymnastics. I also really enjoy memes, trap music, Netflix, and food. I can’t wait to meet everyone and make some friends. Go Bears!

Hannah Yan

"Hey! I'm Hannah from a small suburb just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Though I know I'll be going into something STEM related in the college of L&S, I'm not quite sure what exactly. I have almost no computer science experience, but I'm excited to finally dip my toes into the field of this summer at CS Kickstart. With the ever-growing presence of CS, learning to program will open numerous doors for me as I explore different interests and professions. In school, my extracurriculars ranged from science olympiad to track and field to Key club. I was a leader of my school's hip-hop dance crew last year and I'm beyond excited to join the dance community at Cal. If I'm not shamelessly grooving, you can also catch me taking photos, having amateur jam sessions, appreciating a good movie, or exploring the nearby city. I'm always happy to meet new people and can't wait to learn and explore Cal with you all at CS Kickstart!"

Michelle Yang

Hello all, I am super excited to be a part of CSKickstarter! My name is Michelle Yang, and I am from Los Alamos, New Mexico. When I'm not in school, I spend my time teaching violin to elementary school students, working in the chemistry division at Los Alamos National Laboratory, playing at community events with my quartet, volunteering at the local environmental center, and playing violin in the community orchestra. Although I lack experience and knowledge in computer science (though I took a very confusing and useless CS class at a community college), I am very interesting in learning more about the ever growing and always innovative field of computer science and hope to meet others who feel the same. My intended major at Berkeley is currently Chemistry, but this could change in the future. I look forward to meeting you all!

Tiffany Yu

Hiya! My name’s Tiffany, and I’m from Millbrae, California - home to the San Francisco International Airport. I would describe myself as a swashbuckling, non-conforming, artistically inclined female leader ready to change the world! Besides being a big dreamer, I am also an oil painter, musician, videographer, artist, poet, American history buff, and a Brendon Urie fangirl. Although I’m deeply rooted in the humanities, I believe computer science and the human thought process are deeply intertwined, and a strong grasp in both is what I hope to achieve. What I find fascinating about computer science is the diversity of its applications and its limitless potential for innovation! Since I have never written a line of code in my life, I am so excited to learn and grow at CS Kickstart! I look forward to meeting all of the passionate women of the CS Kickstart community and am beyond thrilled to begin my journey at Cal!

Julia Yu

Hello! :) I'm Julia. I'm from Los Angeles, California and I plan on majoring in Computer Science (College of L&S). Besides an enthusiastic programmer, I'm an artist and a writer. One thing about me is that you can always catch me smiling or laughing; after all, there is a lot to be happy about! I love to watercolor, write calligraphy, and grow my small fashion business. I also adore animals, and dream of one day adopting a corgi. Some of my other favorite things to do is bake and travel. I have a serious case of wanderlust, and I'm actually writing this from Greece. But I'm most excited about my next destination: Berkeley! I can't wait to meet you all at CS Kickstart and learn even more about coding. Go bears!!

Rebecca Zeng

Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca, and I'm from Alhambra, CA. Though I do not have much experience in computer science yet, I find the topic extremely fascinating, as it provides the tools to allow us to build and program anything! I enjoy the amalgamation of freedom, creativity, and logical reasoning seen in the study of computer science. Aside from loving technology, I also greatly enjoy reading books such as the Harry Potter series, listening to self-help and comedic podcasts, and learning global languages and cultures. One thing I do often is experiment with everything, even if it ends badly: when I was nine years old, I exploded a microwave while trying to make nacho cheese. Finally, while I do endeavor to pursue computer science as a career, my dream career and passion lies in becoming a professional Pokémon trainer.

Alexandra Zhao

Hello world! My name is Alexandra (or Alex) Zhao, and I'm coming to Cal from Tucson, AZ. I'm originally from Ames, IA, so I'm pretty desperate to come back to the land of actually green trees and cooler weather! I love film and graphic design, but I am also in love with physics, CAD, and the environment. Therefore, I'm hoping that my major in Architecture will combine everything that I am passionate about! My interest in computer science started when I created a website in third grade, and I have only been increasingly inspired by the ways that programming, AI, and technology can change the future. I hope this glimpse into CS will allow me to positively impact more people through efficient infrastructure and design of the future city skylines.

Anika Bagga

Hi! My name is Anika and I'm from Cupertino, California. I have a little computer science experience from the classes I have taken in high school, but I'm looking forward to the learning opportunities throughout the CS Kickstart week! I'm interested in computer science because I can combine creativity and problem solving to potentially improve the daily lives of communities around me. I also enjoy running, dancing, and exploring new cafes/trying picturesque food. I can't wait to meet everyone and join the Kickstart sisterhood!

Risha Balreddygari

Hi everyone! My name is Risha and I'm from Dallas, Texas. I will be attending Cal this fall as an intended CS major in the College of L&S. Some of my hobbies include playing the violin, being a blackbelt Taekwondo instructor, and of course binge-watching Netflix. Raised by two passionate software engineers with degrees in computer science, I have always taken a keen interest in the subject. Throughout the last ten years alone, the field of computer science has dramatically advanced, and I am dedicated to learn and bring new ideas to the table. I don't have much coding experience, but I'm beyond excited to meet you all and see what the CS Kickstart program has to offer! Go bears!

Rimika Banerjee

Hi I'm Rimika! :) I grew up in a suburb near Jackson, Mississippi. This February, I was excited to find out I was not only admitted to Berkeley, but also to the Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology Program. Although I have limited experience in the field, I am determined to build a solid foundation in CS. I perceive computer science as a field defined by logic, patterns, and creativity. Some computer science topics that interest me are machine learning and mobile app development. I am fascinated by machine learning because of its potential to transform systems like health care. In addition to STEM activities, my creative side is also expressed through performing arts, specifically dance and piano. My dream is to organize a gigantic flash mob one day. Some shows I like to watch include Disney Channel re-runs, Big Bang Theory, and Gossip Girl. I cannot WAIT to meet all of you soon!! GO BEARS

Tara Bhatia

Hi everyone! My name is Tara and I'm from Fremont, CA (just an hour away from Cal!). I've been interested in computer science ever since I discovered the 'inspect element' button on my browser as a little girl. From then on, I've enjoyed delving deeper into different programming languages. I found out that computer science can be applied to different fields like product design, cybersecurity, and 3D printing, and that's what led me to pursue this subject in college. Aside from technology, I'm obsessed with Hot Cheetos and reading about zodiac signs. In my free time, I like catching up on my favorite TV shows, watching Tasty videos, and dancing to my favorite Bollywood tunes.

Alexia Britsch

Hello there! I'm from Los Angeles, California and I'm excited to start the grand adventure of my life at UC Berkeley! I plan to double major in CS and Political as I believe that CS can give concrete solutions to world problems. Although my experience in CS is limited, I am eager to learn the amazing capabilities of CS. In my free time, I love going out and meeting new people as well as swimming, acting, dancing and biking. I cannot wait to continue these hobbies at Cal! Additionally, I love learning languages and can currently speak fluent English and French as well as some Spanish. I look forward to meeting you all and having the best time of my life!

Michelle Cha

Hi my name is Michelle! I was born in Canada but l have lived most of my life in Fresno, CA. I am an intended computer science major in the college of L&S and am very excited to be apart of Kickstart this fall! Although I have limited experience, I am very eager to learn coding and gain insight about CS. I love watching movies and finding new music artists to listen to. I am a big lover of coffee so you will probably see me at some cafe exploring! I look forward to coming to Berkeley and meeting everyone!

Anna Chang

Hey everyone! I'm from Rancho Palos Verdes (SoCal) and can't wait to explore Berkeley. I'm completely clueless when it comes to coding so I was beyond excited to hear about CS Kickstart. I'd love to have someone teach me how to play guitar and skateboard. Excited to meet everyone!

Nala Chen

Greetings, dear reader, from San Jose, CA! My name is Yiyu Chen, but I prefer to go by Nala-- three guesses what my favorite movie is. Despite being born halfway around the globe in Singapore, my passport stamps have been limited almost exclusively to China and USA. I visited Europe for the first time ever this June, though! My passions include crafting amigurumi dolls, playing the guzheng (Chinese harp), and listening to Hamilton (RISE UP!). Despite being interested in computer science, I have not had many chances to explore it. As such, I am super thankful to CS KickStart for giving me this incredible opportunity, and I can’t wait to meet all of you awesome people over a cup of boba. See you at Cal!

Sarah Chin

Hi! I'm Sarah, and I'm from Taipei, Taiwan. I intend on majoring in computer science, applied math, or some other semi-related major in the College of Letters and Sciences. The versatile nature of computer science intrigues me. Aside from learning about its application in multiple fields, I want to use computer science as a tool to solving social inequality. In high school, I was actively involved in the music community as a soloist, strings octet leader, orchestra concertmistress, and president of Tri-M Honor Society. In addition to music, I also led community service clubs such as Cambodia Service Initiative, which hosts an annual service-learning trip to Cambodia, and Reach Out, which is basically my school's equivalent of Berkeley's New Student Services.In my free time, I love to read (always seeking book recommendations!), listen to music, and explore cafes.I cannot wait to meet everyone at CS Kickstart--I'm sure it will be a great beginning to my adventure at Berkeley!

Tiffany Chung

Hello! My name is Tiffany Chung and I'm a bay area native! I became interested in CS after I attended Girls Who Code at EA last summer! I have experience with Java and Ruby, but I am so excited to learn more through CS KickStart. In high school I served as ASB President my senior year and Class President my first three years, was Chairwoman of my city's Youth Council and played cello in a symphonic band. I like to try new food, listen to lo-fi and R&B, and adventure outdoors! The typical day in the life consists of watching the Try Guys on YouTube, shopping online yet never buying anything, and somehow getting all the things I need to get done, done. I can't wait to grow and learn as a group of intelligent, strong women in CS!

Rachael Deng

Hi! My name is Rachael and I'm Chinese-Canadian (born and raised in Vancouver). I'm excited to spend the next few years at somewhere as vibrant as Cal! I’ve always been highly passionate about technology, yet had no opportunities in high school to learn about this fascinating field. Through exploring programming tutorials for fun, I now have basic coding experience from self-teaching but I’d definitely love to expand on this! My other interests include singing, biology, K-pop, makeup and skincare. A cool project I created to try making K-pop more multiculturally accessible is my YouTube channel – I post covers of songs I’ve translated to English, then recorded vocals for and filmed into music videos. I’m also a foodie who not only loves scoping out delicious eats, but also cooking my own healthy yet tasty dishes. I love learning and trying new things, so I can’t wait to delve into CS KickStart with everybody :)

Rupa Duggirala

Hi everyone! My name is Rupa, and I’m an EECS major from Colorado Springs, Colorado. While I don’t have much coding experience, I’ve always been fascinated by CS - whether it be its universal practicality or its potential to revolutionize our world! I’m super excited to explore AI at Berkeley and I’d love to eventually use it to develop innovative solutions to the challenges we currently face in our society. In my free time, I love to read anything that’s sci-fi / adventure, binge-watch Indian movies, or play badminton (although I’m not very good…). You’ll probably also find that I’m always tapping my feet - I like to think of it as my natural affinity for adventure, but after you’ve been a dancer for 12 years, it’s really hard to sit still. Nevertheless, I love to explore, whether it’s new people, food, or places - so I can’t wait to meet all of you and further my passion for technology through CS Kickstart! Go Bears!

Ruisi Fu

Hi everyone!! My name is Ruisi Fu and I’m from Shenzhen, China (it’s an amazing city you guys should come and visit!). I am completely undecided about my major and have many academic interests like computer science and social welfare. I took a CS course in my senior year and have some coding experience. If some of you get questions about Java, I’m here to help! My interests include volunteering, art and travel. I’m also a foodie! Can’t wait to search for great restaurants in the Bay Area with all of you;) Go Bears!

Catherine Gee

Hi, I'm Catherine! I am a desert native from the Coachella Valley (of music festival fame) and became interested in CS around two years ago, in the summer of 2016, though there weren't many avenues locally for me to develop this interest until quite recently. So mainly I am looking forward to mature as a student and a possible budding computer scientist! Additionally, outside of academics, I can play a couple instruments. Though when I’m not at the computer or the piano, I dabble in painting and consuming mass amounts of films (current recommendation is the musical La Llamada). I believe there is a similarity to the creativity shown in art and the creativity shown through code, so eventually it all ties back to each other. I’m so excited to be a part of this community, so go bears!

Kaitlyn Gunadhi

Hey everyone! I’m Kaitlyn, and I’m from San Jose, California. I am an intended CS major in L&S, and I’ve always been passionate about STEM. I’ve been particularly interested in CS since middle school, and I was part of an FTC robotics team for most of high school. Beyond that, one of my biggest goals is to support and empower other women in STEM. That being said, I can’t wait to meet everyone and to be a part of a community of amazing girls! Some things I love are making friends and having fun, dogs, music, painting, and spicy memes.

Gokce Guven

Hey Everyone! I am Gokce from Istanbul, Turkey. As a social entrepreneur, I am the founder of Girls on The Field Academy, soccer camps for young girls with a mission to empower future generation of women through breaking down prejudice. We had 5+ camps throughout Turkey, reaching 2000+ girls. As we started to teach coding in our camps, I realised the gender barriers in tech similar to soccer. That is why I made it my mission to integrate CS into my life and make a social change using technology and design. I want to get inspired, innovate with purpose and initiate a solution and I believe computer science is the must-have skill for my mission. I also do horseback riding (show jumping specifically) and am interested in art! You can see me in all smiles, doodling, just say hi!

Amanda Jackson

Hello! I’m Amanda Jackson, and I’m from San Jose, CA. I’ve always loved math, and I’ve had a deep interest in programming since I was first exposed to HTML and CSS as a middle-schooler. In and out of school, I’ve enjoyed rewarding experiences with programming, so I’m very excited to be entering Berkeley as an EECS major this fall. Outside of academics, I compete and coach for my local swim team (I love working with kids!) and play water polo. I’m also a bit of a classical music nerd--I play violin and viola and plan to join ensembles and take music classes at Cal. In my free time, I like to read, bake cookies and cakes, and build 3D origami sculptures. I’m really excited to get some new coding experiences at CS Kickstart and can’t wait for the fall semester. Go Bears!

Snehal Jain

Hi everyone! My name is Snehal and I'm from Los Angeles. I'm majoring in bioengineering, but I recently became interested in computer science. I have some coding experience since I learned Javascript in my high school computer science, but I can't wait to learn more about computer science through CS Kickstart! I like computer science because I love math, chemistry, and art, and computer science can incorporate all three because of its wide applications. In high school, I was part of science bowl, academic decathlon, and I founded a club that raised money and donated it to a club at UCLA, so that they could use that money to build infrastructure and clinics in rural India. My hobbies include traveling, kirigami (which is kind of like origami except its cutting and folding one paper to create pop up figures), swimming, and dancing. I also love trying new food and meeting new people. I'm so excited for the next 4 years at Berkeley and I can't wait to meet you all!

Grace Jung

Hey, I'm Grace. I grew up in Pennsylvania, but recently moved to the Bay Area. I'm planning to follow the L&S CS path. I daydream pretty much 24/7. I'm determined to explore CS to my heart's content because I believe it's the key to bringing my daydreams to life! I've always loved creating things; when I was younger, I used to steal my dad's office supplies to make miniature Ferris wheels and animals. Taking miscellaneous objects/tools and solving random (albeit sometimes weird) problems make up my life. In my free time, I like to doodle. Currently, I'm also trying to learn how to use a drawing tablet, develop video games, and play the ukulele. I'm so excited to see what the future has in store for us all. GO BEARS!

Josephine Kim

Hello! My name is Josephine Kim and I’m from Chino Hills, California. I was accepted into the College of L&S and am thrilled to be a part of the Class of 2022! I don’t have a very strong background in programming, but I love to design on Adobe Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop, so I’m eager to learn something a little beyond my comfort zone. I intend to major in Business, and I’d like to work in digital marketing. Aside from my academic endeavors, I like to thrift and resell, make videos, and play the viola. I can't wait to meet you all at CS Kickstart!

Jenny Kwon

Hi, I’m Jenny! I was born in Pleasanton, CA but spent most of my life in Austin, TX! Special talents include being able to read (and nap) anywhere, trying to learn several languages at the same time, and spending more time listening to and making music than not. I also love creating art and am very interested in exploring the intersections between art and tech. As someone hoping to major in Public Health, I aspire to employ computer science for humanitarian purposes, such as using epidemiological data to improve the healthcare of refugee populations. At Cal, I hope to volunteer and participate in STEM outreach because as a former Science Olympiad team member and Girls Who Code alum, I want to give back to the communities that helped me grow intellectually and emotionally. I have no doubt that CS Kickstart will be one of these communities as well! :)

Nada Lamie

Hi there! I'm Nada and I live in Pasadena down in SoCal. I was born and raised in Egypt and moved to the US 6 years ago! I speak Arabic fluently. I'm an intended MCB major and doing online CTF's this past year with my friends has convinced me to pursue CS at least as a minor. I particularly enjoy cryptography. I love musical theater and will sing along (loudly and out of tune) to Hamilton, Waitress or anything else. I love watching crime shows and reading sic-fi novels. I'm so excited to get to know everyone and have a great week!

Ellen Lasko

Hi! My name is Ellen, I'm from Diamond Bar, CA (a small town in SoCal), and I will be majoring in Economics in the fall. Although my usual areas of interest lie within social science and the humanities, I'm eager to explore coding because it's something that I've never really tried before. From my understanding, there's an endless number of things to create with knowledge of CS so I'm excited to learn more! My hobbies include traveling, trying new recipes/foods, listening to podcasts, yoga, and reading. After living in the same area for 18 years, I can't wait to move to Berkeley to meet new people and see new places!

Angela Lee

Hi, everyone! I’m Angela and I’m in the College of Letters and Science, working for a major in computer science. I’m looking forward to see the Berkeley sunshine as I move here from my hometown near Seattle, Washington! In my free time, I enjoy reading Japanese, making videos for my YouTube channel JavaGoddess, and thinking of ideas for a new computer program! Having spent most of my past years programming in Java, I’m looking forward to explore new technologies around Silicon Valley as I start my next chapter in Cali!

Haena Lee

Hello everyone! My name is Haena Lee. I was born in South Korea, but I immigrated to the United States when I was little. I have participated in FIRST Robotics for eight years--four years in FIRST Lego League, and four years in FIRST Tech Challenge (go FTC Team 8496!). Though I was exposed to computer programming through my time on the team, I am not the most well-versed in the subject. I decided to apply for the CS Kickstart program in hopes of gaining more knowledge and experience. I find learning about computer science to be not only interesting, but empowering as well. I spent my high school years competing at robotics tournaments and singing in various choirs at my school. In my free time, I like to draw, sing, listen to music, cook, and experiment with fashion and makeup! I hope that through this program, I will not only learn a lot about computer science, but also make great friends to start my college journey with!

Claire Lee

Hey everyone! My name is Claire Lee and I'm from Los Angeles. I'll be majoring in EECS so I'm looking forward to CSK and learning about the Berkeley CS experience. I first took interest in Computer Science through video games, because I was curious how they were developed. Taking the APCS course at my high school allowed me to discover that coding is more than just a few lines of characters, symbols, and numbers. In this class, I was able to combine CS with another favorite subject of mine, Physics, to create a light show to a song. At Cal I want to continue my interests in swimming and art, but also explore new things such as dancing. Can't wait to meet and code with all of you and start my college experience!

Lily Li

Hi! My name is Lily Li. I'm from the mountain areas of South Carolina and originally Shandong, China. I'm excited to learn about CS and meet new people at CS Kickstart! I'm going to be a math major in L&S, but CS seems interesting even though I've never been formally introduced to it. In my free time, I enjoy playing music, traveling, and trying random new things. Fun fact, I will get to meet my future roommate for the very first time at CS Kickstart!

Sarah Liu

Hi! My name is Sarah and I'm from Claremont, a small city near Los Angeles. My major is EECS but I don't have that much experience programming so I'm excited to have this chance to be able to learn more about code and also meet so many people also interested in computer science. I hope to be able to make a lot of friends here! I enjoy playing sports, jamming out to music, reading, learning new things, travelling, and bullet journaling. I'm excited to meet everyone at Berkeley! :)

Emily Lu

Hey everyone! My name is Emily and I’m from Fremont, around 40 min from Berkeley. I’m interested in majoring in computer science but I currently don’t have much experience with coding. I’m super excited for CS kickstart because it provides the perfect opportunity for me to learn about all the interdisciplinary applications of computer science. In my free time I enjoy reading, shopping, going on food adventures, and napping. I’ve also been swimming since I was in fourth grade so I enjoy being active to some degree. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone! :)

Scarlett Luo

Hello! My name is Scarlett and I’m from SoCal. I moved to the US when I was 11 from China and have lived here ever since. My favorite things to do are watch anime, K-pop , and eat good food. Which is why I’m determined to learn Korean. I also love traveling, except I’ve only been to places like China for the past five summers. I have had almost no CS experience, but I would like to get to know it more and even major in this field because it seems like you can achieve anything with technology these days.

Grace Luo

Hi! I’m Grace, an incoming EECS major, and I’m from sunny Cupertino, California. Some topics in CS that I’m interested in include computational logic and cybersecurity. In high school, I also competed in DECA (fun fact: I placed first internationally in automotive services marketing, so you can ask me anything about cars!). I hope to leverage my dual passion in business and CS to found startups and directly address unfulfilled needs. Additionally, I love the show Silicon Valley--I could talk for hours about Pied Piper and middle-out compression. When I’m not glued to my laptop, I love going on sunset runs, hikes, and ukulele jam sessions. I listen to a lot of random music (Logic, Glass Animals, and Two Door Cinema Club to name a few), but right now my favorite song is Superlove (Whethan ft. Oh Wonder). I can’t wait to meet you all, and go bears!

Rhea Manoharan

Hi! I'm Rhea, and I'm from Issaquah, Washington (30 minutes from Seattle), but I moved here junior year from Bentonville, Arkansas. I am an intended cognitive science major and in the WiSE program at Berkeley. I don’t have much computer science experience, but I became interested after interning at the University of Washington, where I became involved in a data science project on coral reefs, learning Python along the way. In high school I taught and played the cello, and was involved in French club, journalism, and social advocacy. I’m so excited to attend CS Kickstart because the more I learn about computer science, the more I see how versatile and prevalent it is in so many different aspects of our lives. I’m so excited to meet everyone! Go Bears!

Riss Myung

Hello world! I'm Riss, a Korean Indo born in Norcal but raised in Socal. I'm a huge mental health advocate, intersectional feminist, environmental activist. Hobby wise, I'm a linguistics fan: anything related to literature - spoken word to creative writing - owns my heart. My intended major's cogsci with career hopes towards forensic psychiatry. Regarding CS, I am interested more in the biopsychosocial approach and how technology acquisition affects modern day society. Nonetheless, I hope to see the countless applications of computer science and feel empowered among women in STEM. Go Bears!

Shriya Nandwani

Hi! I'm Shriya and I'm from the Bay Area, more specifically, San Jose. I first became interested in Computer Science after participating in the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion program--I loved seeing the ability each individual has to take CS and apply it to their own passions by using computers as a canvas to their creativity. Some fun facts about me: I love hiking, listening to music, (maybe not country music), pranking people, eating good food, playing golf, and hanging out with my friends! Excited to start off my time at Berkeley with everyone at CS Kickstart!

Karina Nguyen

My name is Karina. I am Vietnamese, but was born and raised in Ukraine. Currently speaking 4 languages and learning 2 more. I am interested in design, photography, fashion, and environmental solutions through architecture and biotechnology. I love reading books in various languages, taking online courses, and creating art! I am looking forward to meeting all of you at CS Kickstart 2018! Go Bears:)

Mihira Patel

Hey! My name is Mihira and I’m from Fremont, CA. I’m an intended Computer Science major and also want to explore artificial intelligence, design, and machine learning. I’ve always been drawn to computer science because it’s always changing and can be applied to almost every field. I’m also extremely passionate in helping close the gender gap in the fields of entrepreneurship and technology and have always been involved in organizations with that mission. Besides programming, I really enjoy going on hikes, going on spontaneous food adventures (especially Thai and Mexican food), growing my Polaroid collection, and meeting new people. I can’t wait to meet everyone through CS Kickstart and spend my next four years at Berkeley! Go Bears!

Cait Phan

Hi, my name is Caitlin and I am a problem solver at heart! From memorizing Rubik’s cube algorithms to optimizing a daunting Calculus problem, I always enjoyed learning. I’m constantly looking for new ways to challenge myself, whether that is in taking advanced courses, competing in volleyball and track, cultivating new recipes, or finding new hobbies! I am coming to Cal undeclared because I am not really sure what career I would like to pursue. I am excited to attend CS Kickstart, since it will definitely be an enriching experience! I hope to gain a broader understanding of what opportunities CS can offer and meet a bunch of other women in tech! i am a dingus

Sneha Ramesh

Hi there! I am Sneha, an intended economics major from Chennai, India. I was a bharathanatyam dancer for 11 years, a classical singer for 8 and played Veena and Piano for 4 years. I’m a national level soccer player now and love anything related to fitness. So, if you ever need a workout partner, I’m your girl. Apart from working out, I also enjoy reading various genres of books, writing poetry and binge watching shows like Shark Tank, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Bold Type. I’ve wanted to learn coding ever since I heard about the under representation of women in STEM and I’m glad that CSK will allow me to do just that, despite the fact that I have no prior experience. I can’t wait to get to know you all!

Anika Rawat

Hey everyone! My name is Anika Rawat and I am from Orinda, CA, but I've lived in other Bay Area cities, North Carolina, and Texas as well. I will be majoring in Computer Science & Data Science at Cal because of how these subjects blend innovative, creative, and technical thinking, and because of how Artificial Intelligence can benefit every field from social media and design to engineering and finance! I have had experience in computing through robotics, statistical research, and app-prototyping, but can't wait to learn more through Kickstart and beyond. I love activism and developing initiatives to support women’s rights and diversity/accessibility in tech. I also love adventure activities(waterfall rappelling, ziplining, roller coasters, etc), storytelling, making DIY-crafts, and scouting international music and food festivals! Go Bears!!

Anika Rede

Hi! My name is Anika Rede, and I'm from a suburb of Cleveland, OH. I'm really excited to start my UC Berkeley experience with CS Kickstart! I don't have comprehensive CS knowledge, but I have some experience through a EECS lab I interned at for four years in Case Western. I can't wait to connect with other women interested in STEM through CS Kickstart. My love of mathematics proofs and solving difficult problems through critical thinking drove me toward computer science. I can’t wait to start on this adventure with my classmates! I’m currently in Undeclared Engineering but hope to start in EECS with my experience I will gain through this program. My other interests include reading anything from classic novels to graphic novels, staying up late as per my night-owl tendencies, and doodling in class for my graphic notes.

Lily Sai

Hello, my name is Lily Sai and I’m from Foster City, California. I can’t wait to attend UC Berkeley as a CS-intended major. I enjoy computer science because it combines logical thinking and creativity. Outside of CS, I love drawing (especially with chalk pastels and acrylic paint), playing piano, making handmade cards, and playing badminton, all of which I hope to continue at Cal. In high school, I was co-president of Art Club, publicity for Green Team, and a member of Math Team and Robotics Team. I enjoy teaching younger students and have volunteered as a peer tutor and worked as a math instructor. In my free time, I love hanging out with friends and family, traveling, and learning to bake desserts. I’m very excited to attend CS Kickstart to further my interests in computer science and to meet everyone this fall!

Ai Setoyama

Hi, my name is Ai! I'm from Irvine, CA and I graduated from an online high school. My intended major is Nutritional Science in the College of Natural Resources. I have absolutely no computer science experience, so I'm very excited to learn and change that with CS Kickstart! I have always been interested in CS, but it was always a subject that seemed too intimidating for me to try and CS Kickstart will be my first step in conquering that fear. I have been a competitive figure skater since I was 3 and hope to join the figure skating team at Cal. I can't wait to be a part of CS Kickstart and meet everyone! Go Bears!

Agrima Sharma

Hey everyone! I'm Agrima, and I'm an MCB major from the Bay Area. I don't have a lot of experience with CS, but I'm super excited to gain some through this experience with y'all. I think CS can be super useful in all fields and I'd like to use this experience to learn how I can specifically apply the skill to the medical field. If you like HSM, Harry Potter, dance, Khalid, post Malone, soccer, swimming, biology, sitcoms, Sherlock, or pretty much anything actually, we're gonna be hecka good friends. One of my goals in life is to understand as much of the human emotional spectrum as I can, and I work towards this constantly by having really great discussions with people around me and reading a lot. I'm super pumped to meet all you new people, and even more excited to see what we can push each other to accomplish. :')

Anita Shen

Heylo! My name is Anita Shen and I lived in Taiwan for most of my life before moving to Irvine, California. I am working to declare as a Computer Science major and have self-taught coding languages such as Python, Java, and Swift. I have also developed two iOS applications created to limit procrastination and increase productivity. In high school, I found and volunteered in Kids' Coding Camp, a volunteer service in partnership with Microsoft Store and NR Computer Learning Center that teaches young children to code with the software Scratch. Between juggling classwork and pursuing my other hobbies in volunteer work or choir, I love baking and bullet journaling while listening to lo-fi jazz in the middle of the night. I am super excited to meet everyone and continue to develop my skills at Berkeley and CS Kickstart!

Haley Shih

Hello, my name is Haley Shih! Here are some interesting facts about me! I am a Socal and Norcal hybrid with a dash of East Coast blood: I was raised in SoCal, but grew up in Connecticut and Norcal (Is anyone a Cupertino High alum?). I'm super excited about being a part of CS KickStart because I think it's a great opportunity to explore Computer Science. I love solving problems, brainstorming ideas, and trying to put it all together. I can't wait to meet all of you at CS KickStart! Go Bears!

Katherine Shu

Hi! I was born and raised in Arcadia, a city near LA. I don't have much knowledge about coding yet but computer science is definitely a passion of mine so I can't wait to explore it with CS Kickstart. In the fall, I'll be majoring in EECS. A little about myself is that I love dancing (especially hula), drawing, and traveling! I also love playing board games (Settlers of Catan, etc) and drinking boba. I can't wait to meet everyone and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to participate in CS Kickstart!

Nirmol Singh Kaur

Hi Everyone! My name is Nirmol Kaur. I'm Mexican/Indian and have lived in Mexico city my whole life. I'm an intended CS major so I'm excited to get hands on experience during CS kickstart. I'm particularly interested in technology for the disabled community and I look forward to using computer science as an interface to aid others. Outside of academics I love food, volunteering, binging netflix and just hanging out with friends. I can't wait to meet you all and become a part of Berkeley's CS community. Go Bears!!

Sophia Song

Hello! My name is Sophia Song. I'm an east coaster, coming from New Jersey! I became interested in computer science through a research internship in machine learning that focused on social/community-based Q&A and social media. In the future, I hope to delve into the intersection of medicine and computer science. I believe so many answers lie in the huge data sets available to us and CS provides a way to analyze and interpret this information in order to solve society’s greatest problems. Outside of CS, I am a springboard diver as well as a HUGE Game of Thrones fan! Looking forward to becoming cali gals with you all (:

Trevina Tan

Hi! I'm Trevina and I'm from Fremont, California. I'm looking forward to learning more about programming as part of CS Kickstart, and exploring the immensely vast field that is computer science. During my free time, you can probably find me planning what movies I want to watch but never getting around to watching them, as well as trying to find any excuse to hang out with friends. I like to say that I love baking, though I've never actually brought a pan of good muffins out of the oven. I also harbor an immense love for all things creative and aesthetic, such as stickers and anything that exists in pastel pink. My idea of a fun time consists of anything from off-key singing to radio songs to staying up way past midnight for no good reason. Congrats to everybody here and I look forward to meeting you all!

Emy Tang

Hello everyone, my name is Emy Tang. I am super excited to meet everyone in August, and I cannot wait to explore and learn about Computer Science with everyone. I was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the United States when I was 13 years old. Coming from a small town with limited technology for me to explore my interest in Computer Science, I truly appreciate this opportunity to learn more and prepare for the CS major at Berkeley, so that I am able to return to help my community. I enjoy collaborating on projects and solving problems with teammates. My hobbies are going camping and visiting natural sites. I am also a big foodie who loves to try different cuisines from various cultures. To me, a country’s cuisine says a lot about its culture, that is why I am thrilled to try all the rich flavors of our world.

Cordelia Varona

Hi! My name is Cordelia and I’m from Daly City, CA. I strive to learn wherever I go - whether that be practicing languages on Duolingo, exploring Mother Nature’s endless hiding spots, talking to new people, or (in this case) learning about computer science, I am always down to try something new. I like to say that I’m passionate about passion - when I’m surrounded by those that are enthusiastically pursuing what they love to do, I’m inspired to do the same, which is why CS Kickstart intrigued me. I can’t wait to be around those who are eager to learn and grow their Computer Science skills, a subject that, despite my limited knowledge, I am drawn to because of the perfect balance between logic and creativity - creating something out of nothing to enact tangible change! Other things I love include Broadway, picnics, Gossip Girl, and school spirit - Go Bears!

Angelica Vohland

Hey there! I’m Angelica, and I’m from Marin County, California (just north of San Francisco). I will be majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology at Cal, and I consider myself to be a serious science nerd! I have little to no background in computer science, but I love creativity and problem-solving. I hope to learn more about the many ways in which technology can be applied in the fields of medicine and science research. Outside of school, I am an avid debater, jazz enthusiast, world traveler, and ballet dancer! You can often find me color-coding my room or singing along to Broadway show tunes. Looking forward to starting a new chapter of my life at UC Berkeley, and I can't wait to meet you all at CS Kickstart!

Julia Wang

Hi! My name is Julia and I’m from Clarksburg, Maryland. I’m an incoming engineering major (undecided) with an interest in EECS. While I don’t have too much CS experience, I am excited to further my knowledge at Cal! My fascination with CS stemmed from my love of puzzles and math as a child. I have been swimming competitively since I was eight years old. In my free time I love to draw, paint, and listen to music. I also love being outside, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends. I’m ecstatic that I could be a part of this program and I look forward to my next four years at Berkeley!

Cristina Wyatt

Hi everyone! I’m from Houston, Texas and I could not be more excited to come to Cal this fall. I’m majoring in Chemical Engineering! CS aggressively intimidated me until I took AP during my senior year, and I fell in love with it. My favorite things to do include makeup (on anyone!), working with machines, traveling, going to concerts, appreciating nature, and keeping up with NASA. I’m honored to be among such a passionate, intelligent group of women, and I look forward to working with you guys!

Jihee Yoon

Hello! I am Jihee Yoon from Irvine in Southern California, and I've grown up here most of my life. I'm super excited to be a part of this CS Kickstart Team, heavily because I've always wanted to learn CS but never really got the proper opportunity until I came across this perfect program! As an individual with just about no CS experience, I look forward to getting a better grasp of the subject and hopefully to be able to view this field with a fresh pair of eyes. In my downtime I love to skateboard, grab boba, and play guitar. I'm super grateful to be a part of this team and look forward to learning a lot!

Rosa Zhang

Hi there! My name is Rosa. I am proud to be a native San Franciscan, but I also love traveling and visiting new places. In my spare time, I can usually be found drawing, doing layouts for my bullet journal, reading Harry Potter, or studying languages. I am also a national athlete, representing the USA on the Under 19 Women's Underwater Hockey team. At Berkeley, I will be pursuing Chemical Engineering. I am extremely excited to meet the other Kickstarters and learn more about CS!

Keilani Adachi

Hi everyone! I’m Keilani Adachi and I’m from Alameda, CA. I plan on studying Mechanical Engineering and I’m really interested in the product design aspect of it. The AP Computer Science class that I took senior year inspired me to be more open to and interested in computer science. I love how powerful of a tool programming can be. Throughout high school I was involved in cross country, marching music, and peer health education. Outside of academics I like to bike, talk with friends, and listen to music. I hope through this program I can meet some great people and learn a lot about computer science.

Claire Ahn

Hello! I'm Claire, and I'm from San Diego (originally from the Boston area). I'm excited to learn about computer science and what it is like, especially because I am currently undeclared. Outside of that, my interests lie in creative writing and acting, and I love watching movies and plays, exploring the city, and listening to all sorts of music. I'm so excited to meet everyone, and am beyond grateful for this wonderful opportunity! Go bears!

Karen Alarcon

Hi! My name is Karen Alarcon and I was born and raised in Orange County. Initially, I am a bit shy but once I feel comfortable I'm outgoing. Since my sophomore year in high school, I shifted from my position on the softball field to the CyberDefense battlefield and I hope to continue in a path towards a career in CyberSecurity. I'm interested in Computer Science because it's an opportunity to be able to create anything by learning a new programing language like python. I'm interested in learning more about Artificial Intelligence and applying it to a few of my ongoing projects to help individuals more efficiently utilize technology. Through the knowledge, I gain from this opportunity I hope to motivate other aspiring girls by sharing my experience. I am so excited to meet all the incredible girls making this event possible including the outstanding participants! Go Bears!!

Phoebe Chang

Hello everyone!! My name is Phoebe Chang and I’m a Materials Science & Engineering major from the lovely suburb of Arcadia in SoCal! Despite having limited CS knowledge, I’m invested in areas that require some degree of CS, including 3D printing, renewable energy, biotechnology, and AI. Seeing how these fields have made technology more efficient, user-friendly, and accessible, I’d love to be apart of the future that CS can facilitate! Since I don’t have any CS experience other than self-studying online, so being able to learn CS alongside other ambitious women is an opportunity I’m very grateful for! Outside of STEM, I’m interested in tiny houses, learning new languages, intersectional activism, and K-pop. In my downtime you can catch me drawing/painting, playing tennis with friends, obsessing over cute plants, baking desserts, or bingeing Disney/Studio Ghibli movies. I can’t wait to meet you all and create lasting memories together!

Emily Chau

Hey there! :) My name is Emily and I'm from Alameda, a small island next to Oakland. I am half Chinese and half Vietnamese, and Teochew is my second language (shout out to all gaginang ;) ). If you ever catch me away from my bed watching Bon Appetit on YouTube, I'm probably trying a new food place or at a movie theater. I also jump at every opportunity to dance, hike, and travel. I am an intended CS major in L&S. I was first exposed to CS at my local library's Girls Who Code program in sophomore year, but I didn't develop a deep interest until I attended Kode with Klossy last summer. The supportive community there compelled me to co-found a robotics team at my high school with three other girls, so I am truly excited to be a part of yet another group of empowering women through CS KickStart.

Melody Chen

Hi, my name is Melody and I’m from Fremont, California. In high school, I’ve grown to love both math and physics. I have no experience in computer science, so I’m looking forward to attend CS KickStart to learn more about my intended major and to make new friends. My hobbies include art and music, and my recent shenanigans include selling custom pins, performing both electric and acoustic violin, and learning to draw digitally. Go bears!

Allison Cheng

Hello! My name is Allison, and I'm from Palo Alto, California. I first gained exposure to computer science through the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program, which allowed me to explore the applications of computer science in a welcoming and supportive environment. Although I am currently undecided on my major, I know that no matter what career path I end up pursuing, computer science will provide me with the tools and problem-solving skills necessary to address issues that may not even exist yet. In high school, I wrote for my school's magazine for three years and conducted brain-related research. In my free time, I enjoy playing the piano, cooking, and volunteering with local organizations. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn more about the field of computer science and to meet everyone at Berkeley. Go Bears!

Lucinda Cheng

Hello friends! My name is Lucinda but most people call me Lucy :) I’m from Tallahassee,Florida and I am super excited to attend UC Berkeley this fall as an intended CS major in the College of L&S! My love for technology started with using social media to find and connect to a community. I found myself making online friends and felt the power of computer science through those relationships. I am super excited to be a part of such an inspiring group of ladies exploring a subject that allows logical yet creative problem solving! In my free time you can find me watching way too much YouTube, listening to podcasts on 2x speed, working out, editing videos, hunting for concert tickets, and volunteering. Can’t wait to meet everyone at CS Kickstart! Go Bears Baby!!!

Marie Chorpita

Hi everyone! My name is Marie and I'm from Los Angeles, although I was born in Honolulu. Needless to say, I love swimming, surfing, and boogie boarding. I did a lot of coding and competitive robotics in high school, so I'm really excited for CS KickStart and for hopefully majoring in CS. I like cooking, baking, doing makeup, taking care of my four plants, and training my little fluffy dog. In addition, I'm a huge baseball fan (go Dodgers!). I can't wait to meet everyone!

Hannah Chou

Hi! I'm Hannah, and I'm from Fremont, CA. While I am currently considering to major in molecular and cell biology, I also want to explore different fields and gain a deeper understanding of who I want to be. As someone who values an interdisciplinary education, I hope to have the opportunity to immerse myself in both STEM and humanities during my time at Cal. I do not have much experience with CS – the most I've done was a free introductory CS workshop at my school – but I am eager to learn and excited to expand my academic boundaries! In my free time, I love to stay active, watch movies, and explore new food places. I can't wait to meet everyone and see what CS Kickstart has to offer!

Ashley Chu

Heyo! My name’s Ashley, and I’m from Alameda, CA, where I love binging Netflix shows, exploring new places, and building things. Throughout school, I played soccer, and this summer, I’m trying to learn how to edit videos and animate! BobaGuys is my favorite go-to place, and Disney is like part of my identity. I use my sticker collection as a way to display my personality, and I love drinking tea. My passion for tech started when I would run home to play Club Penguin and Fantage after school, and since then, I’ve been able to explore the infinite possibilities of code with programs like Kode With Klossy and FTC. At Berkeley, I’m excited to dabble in robotics, renewable energy, and computer graphics. Can’t wait to meet all of you!

Kelly Chung

Hi! I'm Kelly, and I live in Vacaville (about 50 mins away from Berkeley). I'm majoring in Cognitive Science with a possible future in CS/AI. I wanted to be a part of this program so I could gain some experience and knowledge in the field before I start at Cal. To be honest, I literally know nothing about Computer Science, but I'm definitely excited to learn! Because I moved to Cali from Hawaii last year, I still don't know the area that well, so I can't wait to explore the restaurants and city of Berkeley!

Casey Dai

Hello, world! I'm Casey and I'm from the North Bay Area. I plan to major in Molecular and Cell Biology with a concentration in Neurobiology at Cal--despite not being a CS major, I'm still incredibly interested in the field and look to explore computational biology in the future. Additionally, I'm particularly fascinated by the intersection of machine learning and neuroscience, and the ethics of applying AI technology in healthcare. Outside of academics, I'm a huge nature lover and can most likely be found perched on a boulder daydreaming or with my nose buried in a good book. I'm also a human rights activist and have organized with grassroots organizations like Amnesty International both locally and globally! Go Bears!

Jessica Dong

Hey everyone! My name is Jessica, and I'm from Monterey Park, CA, but it's usually easier just to say LA County. I don't have much computer science experience, so I'm looking forward to learning more about programming through CS Kickstart! I first became interested in computer science after taking a CS class at my high school; it ended up being one of my favorite classes throughout my high school career! AI is something that really intrigues me, and I hope to learn more about it during my time at Berkeley. Some hobbies of mine are playing chess, reading, and watching clips of TV shows rather than watching the full episodes. I'm excited to meet everyone!

Sherry Fan

Hi! I’m Sherry, an incoming neurobiology major from the Bay Area. I’m interested in the intersection of computer science and neuroscience, and specifically in using technology to create treatments and diagnostics for neurodegenerative diseases. I hope CS Kickstart will show me some of the most interesting applications of computer science! Outside of academic, I’m also an avid figure skater, and will be joining Cal Figure Skating in the fall. Go Bears!

Sfurti Gaudani

Hi all! My name is Sfurti and I’m from Livermore, CA (it’s in the Bay). I will be majoring in EECS. I enjoy painting, eating, Harry Potter, Archie comics, music, and nature. Also, I love sewing and fashion! I have sewn two prom dresses, one jumpsuit, one casual dress, two tote bags, one pair of pajama pants, and linen shorts. There are probably more that I can’t think of right now… In high school, I was deeply involved in community service, leadership, and athletics. Regarding computer science, I have little programming experience. I am very eager to learn more about this subject and the opportunities involving both CS and art. Excited for Cal and CS Kickstart! :)

Janice Guo

Hey, I’m Janice! I’m from a suburban city called Dublin, Ohio, where our token attraction is a field of 109 giant, concrete corn. This year, I’m proud to be coming to Cal as an EECS major. In my sophomore year, I took a Java course at my high school. By the end of it, I didn’t have an inkling as to what CS could be used for, much less what I could do with it; I just knew that I enjoyed coding— it was methodical and puzzle-like, but it had an almost artsy appeal to me. Outside of CS, I am an enthusiast of music, bad puns, and impromptu bubble tea runs. I am happiest when I’m drawing or writing or otherwise creating something new. I am a prolific reader, adherent of the font Calibri, and avid apologist of the Oxford comma. I look forward to meeting you all! :)

Joyce Guo

Hi guys! My name is Joyce. I’m from Alameda California so I’ve always been super close to Berkeley. I started CS in GirlsWhoCode and I became very passionate in this field because I realized that there was an opportunity for me to create and build anything I can imagine. I hope to use CS To work with environmental friendly products and research. I love to bike and dance and will be joining AFX in the fall! I’m super excited to meet amazing friends and let me know if you ever wanna be shown around Berkeley and all the good food places :) I can’t wait to start CS Kickstart and meet you all!

Lucy Guo

Hi! I’m Lucy and I’m from Danville, California. My intended major is currently CS, so I’m stoked to be a part of CS Kickstart and meet other women in STEM! CS is super interesting to me because of all the possibilities that it entails, especially those relating to space. I’d love to be able to utilize computer science as an extended ‘telescope’ to peer into far-off galaxies to discover more about the origin of the Universe. Outside of school, I’m an avid skier, Netflix connoisseur, and pet enthusiast. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone, exploring all of Berkeley’s food options, and learning more about computer science. GO BEARS!!

Anvitha Kachinthaya

Hello! I’m Anvitha, from Dublin, CA. I was born and raised in New Hampshire and spent a few years in India, which has contributed to my fascination with the languages that connect people and encompass cultures. I love to read and write stories of any genre (especially science fiction, fantasy, and autobiographies), help others, bake and share treats, sing Indian classical music (both Carnatic and Hindustani), dance (when no one’s watching), travel, learn new languages, and teach myself other random skills! I’m a Girl Scout, and I earned my Gold Award last summer teaching rural children spoken English based on a customized curriculum I created with my team. That experience fostered my love of teaching. I’m an EECS major, but I’m also interested in psychology and linguistics. Computer science appeals to my passion for solving puzzles, and I can’t wait to explore it at CS Kickstart!

Nitya Krishnakumar

Hi! My name is Nitya Krishnakumar and I'm from Portland, Oregon. I am an intended CS major is L&S. I am so excited for CS Kickstart and the opportunity to learn more about computer science. I have taken AP Computer Science so I know Java, but outside out that, I have very little experience with CS. I'm interested in computer science because I really like math and I think it would be a way for me to apply the logic of math to interesting real-world technologies in a variety of fields. In high school, I participated in clubs like Model U.N. and the Green Team. One club that I dedicated a lot of time to is a club that I led called Portland Junior Scientists, where students from my school would travel to Title 1 elementary schools in my area and teach science through experiments to the kids. Music is also a big influence on my life as I’ve played piano for ten years and sung in a choir for nine. Ultimately, this has translated into my interest and appreciation of music as a whole. In my free time, I like to online shop, do yoga, watch TV, and hang out with my friends. I'm so excited to start off my time at Berkeley with everyone at CS Kickstart!

Cynthia Liu

Hi I'm Cynthia! I'm from Auckland, New Zealand, so there will be lots of exploring for me to do. I'm not coming into CS KickStart with too much CS experience, but I'm super excited to learn and grow in an area that will only become more and more important. I love baking and Grey's Anatomy, as well as meeting new people and exploring new places, and I'm really looking forward to meeting everyone!

Eileen Liu

Hello everyone! I am Eileen Liu, and I’m from Maryland. I enjoy music, dance, running, and love to travel. My favorite foods are sushi and mochi, and in my free time I’d like to explore the city, and participate in activities and projects on campus. I’m mostly interested in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science, and I personally think that Computer Science is a form of expression that allows you to take the ideas from your mind and create something that has an impact on the world. I’m excited and looking forward to being surrounded by intelligent and amazing girls!

Tiffany Luu

Hi everyone! I’m Tiffany and I’m from Wichita, Kansas. I can’t wait to begin the next chapter of my life at Berkeley and am excited to “kick” it off with CS KickStart! As of now, I have almost no experience with computer science and programming. I’ve been learning a little from free online tutorials, and I’m eager to learn more! In high school, I was pretty involved in the music scene. I played the viola since I was in 5th grade, was also in my local youth symphony, and was an officer for my school’s Tri-M club. Another one of my main extracurriculars was Business Professionals of America. I was a member for 2 years and went on to Nationals to compete! I also enjoy learning new languages and am currently learning Spanish and how to read and write in Vietnamese! I’m really excited to meet everyone in CS KickStart!!

Varsha Madapoosi

Hi guys! I'm Varsha Madapoosi and I'm originally from Saint Louis, Missouri but moved to Pleasanton, California for high school. I'm extremely passionate about environmental sustainability and conservation and hope to pursue a double major in Data Science and Society and Environment. Although my experience in coding is limited, I've always been interested in technology since I was a kid. I'm super excited to learn more about computer science and how I can use technology to combat climate change. In my free time, I love playing card games and watching movies. I'm super into traveling and exploring new places and can't wait to be at Berkeley! I'm super excited to be a part of CS Kickstart and to meet everyone soon! Go Bears!! <3

Ruchi Maheshwari

Hi everyone, I'm Ruchi! I'm from Saratoga, CA and I'm going to be majoring in EECS. I have some coding experience with Java through APCS and with Python through research I did last summer at UCSC, and I've played around a little with a few other languages. I'm so excited for CSK because I can learn more CS, but more importantly, it's such a fantastic chance to connect with other girls in CS! I love CS for its versatility – the idea that I will one day be able to apply my skills to almost every other field out there is honestly so cool. Some other things about me are that I'm a sucker for a good rom-com (or even a terrible one tbh), I love reading basically any form of fiction, and I'm always down to bake a new dessert. I'm looking forward to doing some volunteering at Cal, and also maybe joining a dance team. I can't wait to meet you all!

Milena Mathew

Hi! My name is Milena and I’m from Sacramento, CA. I’m an incoming EECS major and I’m excited to explore computer science at CS Kickstart! I’m interested in applying CS to problems in different fields- particularly in physics and learning more about the technology that underlies the tools I use everyday. Outside of school, I’m a volunteer at my local library where I primarily help out with STEM events for kids and I’m an intern at UC Davis. In my free time, I am an avid (but not successful) crossword solver and I’m on a quest to be able to solve a full week’s worth of New York Times crossword puzzles. I love to hang out with friends, bake (and eat) treats, and curl up on any available sofa. My Netflix diet consists of cooking shows, documentaries and Parks & Rec which I typically watch while munching on a large bowl of popcorn.

Isabella Mendoza

Hello World! (sorry, just had to) I'm Bella and I'm from Whittier, California. I am an intended computer science major and a possible philosophy minor, and I can't wait to meet everyone at CS Kickstart! I attended a Girls Who Code summer immersion program a couple of summers ago, and ever since, I've been hooked; I love conversing about the impact new technology has and will have on society. Throughout high school, I have gotten the rep for being everybody's go-to tech support, and after an MUN conference, I was voted to be most likely to hack the government (didn't help that my country was Russia). Besides technology, music has become a big part of my life. I have been playing the trumpet for 8 years, but I also play a bit of guitar, and I am currently teaching myself how to play the cello. I love the way that music connects people, and it is truly the ultimate stress reliever for me. As far as listening, I'm all about rock and indie; some of my favorite artists include Pink Floyd, The Smiths, Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac, The Killers, Beach House, and Slowdive. I'm also pretty artsy; I love to paint and draw. But yeah, that's the gist of it, see you at Cal!

Diyah Mettupalli

Hi, my name is Diyah! I was born in India, but I’ve lived in Tallahassee, FL for most of my life. I am currently a Bioengineering Major in the College of Engineering. Computer Science is fascinating to me because there is no set profession that computer scientists are bound to. The universal applicability of computer science is the driving force behind my interest because it is a field that can be tailored to each and every person’s interests. A student wanting to pursue medicine, for example, can still have a strong foundation in computer science because of the technological revolution that medicine is going through. I love to bike and hike and am definitely looking forward to explore the numerous scenic areas near Cal. I am very excited to meet so many new people through this CS Kickstart program!

Jenny Miao

Hi! My name is Jenny and I'm from Fremont, CA. I’m hoping to study computer science, with a minor in cognitive science, statistics, or economics. I've always been interested in technology; Whether I dive into AI or VR, robotics or cybersecurity in the future, I know CS will both intrigue and challenge me. Outside of academics, I love to dance, sing, and listen to all kinds of music. I’ve been learning classical Chinese dance and piano for 12 years. Though I'm going to miss my dance team, I hope to find a club at Cal to continue dancing and explore other styles of dance, including ballroom and hip-hop. In my free time, I like to dabble in a little bit of everything. I've tried to teach myself Korean, Spanish, and the ukulele, but I wish I could learn every language and instrument out there! I'm looking forward to all the new friends and experiences I'll make at Cal.

Emily Mistica

Hey there! My name’s Emily and I’m from SoCal. I’ve been accepted to Berkeley as an intended L&S CS major, and am looking forward to learning more about the creativity involved in CS. I first dabbled in programming by exploring custom themes on Tumblr and editing in my own side bars and sparkly cursors! Being an artist and instrumentalist (I play piano, guitar, and ukulele), I was drawn to the creative side of computer science, and was thrilled that I could create designs with the functions of a programming language. Other than CS, my hobbies include drawing for my own webcomic “Gem & I,” writing and recording songs, devising short stories, and just jammin’ with my instruments. I’m also really into cartoon shows that are meant to be for kids as well as mac and cheese. GO BEARS!

Iram Morshed

Hey everyone:) My name is Iram and I'm from Fremont, CA (pretty close to Berkeley). I'm an intended CS major in L&S and it's been about a year since I became interested in CS. It was honestly intimidating to me for a majority of my life, but through Girls Who Code I recognized how much I like to problem solve and how applicable CS is to numerous industries. I love food, both eating out and also cooking/baking for my family and friends. I also like working out, listening to music, spending hours watching Netflix or YouTube, reading occasionally, breathing fresh air (usually on walks/hikes), hanging out with friends, traveling, and picking up new skills and learning about anything honestly. I am so stoked to meet everyone else and I can't wait to start:)

Alyssa Nguyen

Hi! I'm Alyssa, and I'm from the infamous suburb known as Belmont that’s ~45 minutes away from Cal. I have a decent amount of experience in coding, but It's been a while since my last project. I've always been a puzzle solver with persistence being one of my biggest strengths, so CS and I just seem to go hand in hand. Outside of that though, I'm a pretty casual person. I can talk about anything whether it be extremely deep or shallow, and I frequently take part in picking up random hobbies. My current hobbies are learning how to skateboard and crocheting, but we'll see how far that goes before I start getting interested in something else! I enjoy playing video games and reading manga in my free time, but I do get my exercise in by playing tennis.

Jordan Nguyen

Hi there! My name is Jordan Nguyen, and I'm from San Jose, California. I will be a student in the College of Letters & Science in the fall, and I am really excited to start my educational career at Cal. Ever since I was little, I've always loved math, and I've been so enamored by technology and what it can do. I am doing CS Kickstart because I really want to learn more! I love to learn. I also love to sing – it makes me happy. I love coffee, boba, "Friends," doing musical theatre, and spending time with my friends & family. I can't wait to learn more & make new friends this fall at Berkeley.

Alana O'Sullivan

Hello, my name is Alana and I am from Southern California, near San Diego. I have taken one computer science class and I am really excited to learn more! I play lacrosse and I love painting, drawing, and graphic design. I was introduced to computer science through graphic design and I am really interested in the intersection of design, technology, and human psychology. I want to work towards creating a healthier relationship between humans and technology, where it is easier to live with technology or go without it. I really enjoy puzzles and solving patterns, which is why I am so drawn to coding because I feel like that is a major part of it. I can't wait to explore the city and make some friends. See you all in august!

Annie Pan

Born and raised in the Silicon Valley, I leverage technology as a means to improve the everyday lives of people around me. In the past, I have engaged in many entrepreneurship projects that have encouraged me to explore ways technology could positively impact my community. I also embrace my creative side by creating digital designs and videos, and I hope to continue exploring the intersection of technology, design, and entrepreneurship. Moving forward, I am excited to be able to continue my innovative endeavors while collaborating with other female leaders to discover ways to use technology for benefiting the greater good.

Lupe Paniagua

Hello everyone! My name is Lupe Paniagua and I was born in Ventura, California but moved to Dallas, Texas when I was 10 years old. I will be attending Cal this fall as an L&S freshman with an intended major of Computer Science. I have a bit of experience with Python and HTML but all the knowledge I have is self taught. I do not have much professional experience with computer science, however I enjoy learning about anything and everything. This little exposure to computer science may not be much but it has sparked a driven passion, one that I am extremely excited to gain further insight on. I believe this is an amazing opportunity which will inspire me and motivate me on my journey at UC Berkeley. I enjoy reading, being outside, watching movies and TV shows, and simply surfing the web. I am happy to be a part of CS Kickstart 2019 and cannot wait to meet everyone soon. Thank you for letting me be apart of something bigger and getting the chance to learn more about CS.

Ishika Prashar

Hi everyone! My name is Ishika and I'm from the Bay Area. I hope to double major in something tech related such as CS along with biology in order to combine technology and medicine. I don't have much experience with computer science but I am very excited to learn more about it thanks to CSK. This summer I also had the opportunity to intern at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital in Oakland and learn how to use statistical softwares in order to analyze patient data. This research only increased my interest and curiosity for the intersection between computer science and medicine. Asides from this, I actually immigrated to California from India when I was only seven years old, so I am always very eager to learn more about my culture! I love Bollywood and Punjabi music and movies. I also enjoy journaling, binge-watching Netflix, Zumba, and volunteering.

Maleny Ruiz

Hi, my name is Maleny and I’m from Salinas, CA. I plan to major in computer science in the College of Letters and Sciences. I was exposed to computer science through Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program hosted at Adobe. It taught me that there are so many applications and paths in computer science. I am going to continue computer science by participating in Google’s Computer Science Summer Institute the summer before college, which I am super excited about. I am still deciding what path in computer science I want to go down, but I am interested in computer animation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. In high school I was in student government, volleyball, and community service clubs. I plan to play volleyball (intramural) and join community service clubs in college. I like to travel, hang out with family and friends, and watch shows on Netflix. I am so excited to see what Cal has in store for me!

Sanjana Shah

Hi! I am Sanjana from Cupertino, California. I’m beyond excited to enter Cal this fall! I have been interested in Computer Science since I did Hour of Code in my middle school and made my own game. I find CS very fascinating, having endless possibilities of using logical and analytical skills in problem solving. With interdisciplinary learning, I believe applications of CS brings about change for the betterment of our society. I also enjoy swimming, dancing, and living up to my name which means a creator, since I enjoy tinkering with old tech gadgets to create something new out of them. I can't wait to meet everyone and join the Kickstart sisterhood!

Manaal Siddiqui

Hey there! I’m Manaal, an intended CS and Business major from San Jose! I’m pretty new to the field of computer science and only started considering it as a career last year. Although I always knew I wanted to pursue STEM, I found the rigidity of other STEM classes...stifling. When I discovered computer science, I came to love that there’s no “right” way to interpret an idea and that the field plays an increasingly vital role in every profession that inspires me, from game development to activism, mathematics to design, engineering to government. Today, I am an artist, activist, engineer, mathematician, and scientist, and I don’t intend to keep those worlds separate. I aim to improve my community through diverse platforms and apply my education and experience in a way that empowers me to do so. After all, the world is my canvas, but it is also my medium.

Arushi Somani

Hey everyone! My name is Arushi, from Lucknow, India, born and raised. I'm an intended CS major in L&S. I love tinkering and innovating, which is what drew me to CS in the first place. Just last year, I spent months unsuccessfully trying to get my christmas lights to spell out words, and I'm always looking for new projects to work on! I adore music, of all kinds, though Bollywood music owns my heart. I love watching and analyzing movies, and am currently making my way through every Pixar movie ever made. I've been a street theater performer for the last five years, so expect some occasional dramatics from me. Be it music or computers or performing, it all comes down to me expressing my creativity. I'm so excited to meet everyone, be part of this amazing community, and to learn with all of you!

Emily Su

Hello! My name is Emily and I’m from Toronto, Canada. I'm super excited to be attending Berkeley in the fall and I hope to major in CS in the College of L&S. In high school, I took a couple computer science courses and became fascinated with the subject. I cannot wait to learn more though CS Kickstart and at Cal! Aside from technology, I love baking, watching TV shows (my favorites are Friends and Gilmore Girls), and hanging out with friends. I look forward to meeting everyone!!

Divya Tadimeti

Hi, I'm Divya! I am a Bay Area native and am super excited to be attending Cal this fall. I love problem solving, and to me computer science is just that! I don't have a ton of coding experience, but I took a few courses in high school in Statistics, AI, and CS and got hooked on these interdisciplinary and converging fields. I play the violin and viola and plan to join ensembles and take music classes at Cal. I am also a golfer and competed at the national level; at Cal I intend playing on the club team. I love getting involved in campus activities and have been on student government throughout high school. I also love teaching/coaching -- as board member at a local nonprofit, I’m a tutor and golf coach for young kids. In my free time I love listening to music, exploring San Francisco, trying new food, running, drawing, busking, and hiking. Can't wait to meet you all!

Theresa Trang Tran

Hey guys! I’m Theresa, and I’m from the Bay Area. Although I favored math classes throughout high school and am majoring in EECS (with no background), I’m as much of an art person as I am a STEM person. I love creating new outfits and playing the piano; I actually wore a different outfit on every school day for the past two years! Even without any experience in CS, I look forward to learning from and with everyone! By building a solid foundation during CSKickstart, I hope to incorporate technology with fashion someday. Some other things about me are that I love drinking boba and eating sushi, ice cream, and Vietnamese food (I’m Vietnamese). I enjoy watching Kdramas & We Bare Bears and listening to BTS, Dean, DPRLIVE. Lastly, I like to walk into shoe stores and touch all the shoes I want but not buy any because shoes are expensive :”(

Erin Tsai

Hi everyone! I’m Erin, and I’m from Sunnyvale, CA. I don’t have much experience in coding, but my interest in CS began when I helped create a vocoder at a music and technology summer program. As someone who’s always been into the arts, I’m interested in further exploring the intersection between CS and creativity. I’m an avid musician—I play the flute and piano, and was involved in choir and marching band—and love eating hot Cheetos and sleeping. Can’t wait to meet everyone :)

Khushi Vaidya

Hello! I'm Khushi Vaidya, and I live in Lehi, Utah. I like to swim, play badminton, and go the gym. I listen to pretty much any genre of music--- it depends on the song, not the artist, to me. I'm excited to meet everyone and make great friends, yay! (:

Sarah Varghese

Hey y'all! My name is Sarah Varghese and I'm from Frisco, Texas. I'm really excited about Cal and having new experiences. I don't have much background in CS, but it fascinates me, especially the new possibilities in machine learning and AI. I am an adrenaline junkie and I love being outdoors. You can always catch me swimming, biking, hiking, or just laying in the sun! Music-wise I love Kendrick Lamar, Kacey Musgraves, Kanye, Lorde, Rihanna, and Frank Ocean. I can't wait for the Tyler concert this fall! I'm excited to continue all these passions and find some new ones this upcoming year. Can't wait to meet y'all! Go bears (:

Crystal Wang

Hello!! My name is Crystal and I’m from Cerritos, California. I know some basics of computer science and programming from high school and am incredibly excited to learn more through CS Kickstart!! In all honesty, my older sister’s wacky dating app stories launched my interest in CS; I’m particularly curious about how CS can mimic or incite human behavior. I’m a staunch intersectional feminist and believer in equality regardless of any diversifying factor. I play the piano, tenor saxophone, and taiko drums, and have a huge soft spot for jazz and anything composed by John Williams. I did Quiz Bowl throughout high school and hope to continue in the collegiate circuit! In my free time, I write, cook, play volleyball, do puzzles (I’m a sucker for crosswords, Sudoku, matrix, and other math/logic ones), watch movies, and binge Wikipedia. I hope to someday master as many world languages as I can, programming ones included!

Hannah Warner

Hey!! I’m Hannah (but pronounced Honnuh). I’m from Sunnyvale/Santa Clara, California, just a little ways away from Berkeley. I’ll be majoring in Economics, however am super excited to learn more about computer science since I never really have before! It’s really strange for students in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley to not to be obsessed with computer science; were basically bred starting in elementary school to pursue some sort of engineering career. Instead, as a kid I loved doing art and exploring math. I never found interest in computers, despite living literally minutes away from the Apple Spaceship, until I realized how important and intriguing they really are. Aside from academics, I’ve been figure skating for 9 years, loved running cross country and track in high school, and work two jobs as a cafe barista and figure skating teacher. I’m so excited to meet and get to know everyone!!

Sydney Wong

Hello! I’m Sydney and I am from the Bay Area. I will be studying Economics at Cal. I’m excited to gain my first exposure to Computer Science and I hope to better understand the applications of computing technology to issues surrounding global development and climate change. Beyond academics, I love playing the piano and cello, volunteering with kids (I volunteered at the Oakland Zoo’s summer camp throughout high school), and dabbling in story-telling through art and creative writing. I also enjoy exploring the local food scene with friends and family. I’m excited to deepen and expand these interests at UCB, and I can’t wait to begin this journey with all of you at CS Kickstart!

Sophia Xiao

Hi! My name is Sophia, and I'm from San Jose, CA. I am an applied math major, and I want to study computer science as a tool to amplify the power of math! Other things I enjoy doing (besides math) are singing, hiking, playing SIMS, vegetating and going to concerts. I’m really excited to make new friends and get to know all the amazing people at Berkeley!

Maggie Yi

Hello! I’m Maggie Yi, born in Changchun, China; I spent the last three years in Chattanooga, Tennessee for high school. I plan to major in mathematics in L&S and possibly minor in electrical engineering in Engineering. I have some experiences with computer science (mainly through research), but have a lot more to learn yet. To me, computer science accomplishes the wildest dreams and imaginations of mathematicians. That’s kind of a joke but it is also kind of true. To name a few of my interests, I enjoy making stuff (in the physical and digital world). My creations ranges from plastic parachutes, logo designs, my own vocabularies (for example, trophodevinaphobia means “the fear of picking food”), to gaming PCs. I am also a foil/epee fencer. Can’t wait to join CSKickstart in August!

Jackie Yu

Hello to whoever is reading this! I'm Jackie from Sacramento. I’m a pre-haas major, but am planning to minor in computer science. Currently, I don’t have much experience, but as a potential business major and a curious human, I’ve always been interested but never got the opportunity to take classes in high school. In high school, I was really involved in ASB, choir/music (I was the student accompanist so unfortunately I cannot sing), volunteering, and tennis. Some of my favorite things to do include traveling, trying out new restaurants (proud foodie), watching movies (I just rewatched HSM after my calculus class did a parody of it), and hanging out with my family and friends. I make really lame jokes that I, myself, laugh too hard at. Though computer science seems intimidating, I really love challenging myself and learning new skills. Committing to Berkeley has been so exciting and I can’t wait for all the new opportunities, experiences, and memories in the near future. Go Bears! :)

Ruslana Yurtyn

Hi guys! I’m Ruslana (Rusy for short) and I’m from Orange County, California. I’m intend to study comp sci in the College of Letters and Sciences. I’ve had very minimal computer science experience, and I’m really excited to learn more about it through CS Kickstart. I’ve been dancing since I was really little, and I’m super interested in the applications of computer science in performing arts. Other than dancing, I enjoy being a couch potato. I like watching Netflix and reading books. I also really like listening to people playing music (even though I have no musical talent of my own). If someone could teach me to sing or play guitar, that’d be cool. When I’m not a couch potato, I like going to the beach and just kinda walking around towns and cities aimlessly. Also, fun fact is that I can speak Russian and Ukrainian which some people find cool. So excited to meet you all this year!

Bonnie Zhang

Hi everyone! I'm Bonnie Zhang from Visalia, CA, and I'm a Chemical Engineering major. Since I don't have much experience with coding, I can't wait to learn and explore it with CS-Kickstart! This program serves as an opportunity not only to pursue my intrigue in computer science, but also to build relationships along the way. Some of my interests include volunteering, being more environmentally friendly/aware, action movies, and kpop. I'm excited to meet you all and work together! I love meeting new people and making new friends, and I promise I don’t bite. Here’s to a fun week of CS-Kickstart, go bears! XD