About CS KickStart

CS KickStart is a one-week introductory computer science program. Students learn how to program, meet computer science students and professionals, and are introduced to different areas of computer science. This program targets incoming UC Berkeley students who are curious about computer science and are interested in math, science or engineering. Students do not need to have any prior skills in programming. Our goal is to give them a hands-on experience in programming and to show them the creativity and power of computer science.


Floraine Berthouzoz

Colleen Lewis

Current Lead Organizers

Cara Wolfe

Angelica Pan

Rachel Lim

2019 Committees

Grace Lin (Head)
Alexia Britsch
Kaitlyn Gunadhi
Karina Le
Emily Lu
Katherine Shu
Trevina Tan
Julia Wang

Harini Rajan (Head)
Sarah Chin
Ruisi Fu
Scarlett Luo
Rhea Manoharan
Anika Rede
Emy Tang
Cordelia Varona
Ria Vinod
Tiffany Yu

Jennifer Hu (Head)
Amanda Jackson
Lily Li

Tiffany Ho (Head)
Rachael Deng

Past Lead Organizers

Julie Deng

Caroline Zhou

Alicia Kim

Anais Miller

Sreesha Venkat

Saloni Shah

Amanda Chow

Natasha Shams

Parul Singh

Nisha Agarwal

Jill Barcelona

Amy Shu

Joan Barcelona

What are they up to now?

Here's what some CS Kickstart alumni have done!

Jenna-Kaelyn Huang


Hi all! I'm Jenna-Kaelyn, an incoming fourth year computer science student. This past summer, I worked at Pandora on the Playlist Team, and this fall I will be working at Uber on the Uber Maps team. Other than CS, I’m passionate about live music and am on my way to attending all the major US music festivals. CS Kickstart was the perfect program for me coming into college, and I hope you find the program amazing as well! - 8/18/17

Huda Khayrallah


I was part of the first cohort of CS KickStart, and helped organize the program during my time at Berkeley. I am now a CS PhD student at Johns Hopkins working on Machine Translation. I am grateful to the program for helping me solidify my choice of major and career. But even more so, I am thankful for the mentors, classmates, and friends I met during the program and while organizing it. These are the people I continue to rely on as my support network. I am so proud of the continued success of the program. Congrats to all the current organizers! - 7/16/17

Selena Shang


CS Kickstart was a great experience for me because I met freshmen women who became my closest friends and best support network, as well as upperclassmen who became role models I could turn to for perspective. CSK also exposed me to a lot of student groups who would help me expand my circles even further and discover different career paths in CS. I will be starting at Yahoo as a product manager this July. - 7/18/17

Elena Herbold


I am now studying EECS and Japanese. I spend my free time lab assisting for Berkeley's CS61A class, volunteering at Berkeley Animal Community Services, and tutoring in Berkeley public schools.

Hannah Huang


This summer I'm interning at Raytheon. It's hard to believe that two years ago I went through CS Kickstart, struggling through python and seeing UC Berkeley for the first time. CS Kickstart introduced me to the amazing support and teamwork that the Berkeley CS program fosters, and encouraged all of us to provide the same experience for the generation as well.

Linda He


I've been helping out every summer with the program since then - it's a great opportunity to see the industry and make lasting connections. This summer, I'll be interning at LinkedIn as a software engineering intern.

Vivian Nguyen


Hey! I'm junior studying Computer Science at Berkeley. This summer I'll be interning at a start-up called Virool! CS Kickstart helped me meet one of my closest friends and gave me a lot of opportunities. Meeting the professors and engineers was awesome, it really helped me see the industry side and academia side.

Robyn Zhang


Hi everyone! I am currently a junior at UC Berkeley declared in Computer Science. CS KickStart was such a great experience for me and over the past couple of years I've really gotten to know the intelligent and inspiring women that have participated in this program. This summer, I am very excited to be at Salesforce as a software engineer intern on the Analytics Cloud team.

Anran Li


I will be starting in July as a Software Development Engineer at the 343 Industries studio at Microsoft working on the Halo video game!

Elizabeth Lin


I will be returning to Khan Academy as a Product Designer. Before starting, I plan to spend my summer exploring Europe's fashion capitals and art museums. CS KickStart helped me understand how computer science can be creative. I also met a large network of valuable women I've become close to over my college career, and I hope to keep in touch with in the future!

Amy Tang


Postgraduation, I'll be traveling to Turkey, Greece, and random bits of South America. I'll start working at Facebook late July.


  • 100% of participants began their freshman year with friends who are also interested in computer science.
  • 99% of participants had a better sense of what computer science is after participating in CS KickStart.
  • 97% of participants would recommend CS KickStart to a friend who doesn't have programming experience.
  • 96% of participants felt more prepared to take their first computer science course at UC Berkeley.
  • 95% of participants agreed that CS KickStart had a positive effect on their motivation to pursue computer science.
  • 95% of participants agreed that CS KickStart had a positive effect on their programming skills.