Are you an incoming freshman at Cal? Curious about computer science?

CS KickStart is a week-long program introducing students to computer science while meeting other computer science students and professionals. Students will get hands-on experience in programming introducing them to the creativity and diversity of computer science. This program targets women who are interested in the fields of science, engineering, and math.

Sponsors, we thank you for your support!

We truly appreciate our sponsors who continue to support us in our quest to spread computer science to our participants. Their gift helps us recruit teachers and guest speakers, host the students, develop our curriculum, and, most importantly, continue to show that computer science can be a fun, collaborative, and creative field!

Are you a CS KickStart alumni? Learn how to help us out!

Remember being completely clueless about computer science? Browse through the pictures and reminisce on your program experience! Also learn how you can be a part of creating this experience for a completely new group of freshmen.